Let’s talk websites…


When you decide to start your business, one of the things you should consider is how you are going to reach your audience to showcase your products or services. Most people start their business and immediately launch a Facebook page not taking into account the huge potential of a website for their business.

That being said, do not be caught in the trap of asking your neighbour or your cousin’s friend to build a website for your business. If you are serious, then part of your business budget should be allocated to building and maintaining your website. You get what you pay for. So if you are planning to pay $500, be prepared to get a basic site. Your website is an investment in your businesses future and success.

Your website is your store front and it is a reflection of your core business values, your products/services. It is a growing organism and should be updated and refreshed regularly to keep customers interested and encourage repeat visits.

Make the wise choice and invest in your website today!

Still have questions about investing in your website? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or drop me an email at mkgdynamics@gmail.com

It’s all about the SWOT!


When was the last time you conducted a SWOT analysis of your business? Maybe when you were now starting up a few years ago? But sometimes it is necessary for you to step back and do a thorough assessment of where your business is positioned in the market. How many new businesses offering the same or similar services have opened since you started? Has your main competitor expanded or closed down? Is there room to grow into a new market? Your SWOT analysis will help you answer all these questions and more. So let’s begin:

Strength: What is your business strength? What makes your business stand out in the crowd. You and your competitor offer the same product/service. What will make a potential client come to you instead of them? Is it your location or your customer service or your flexibility?

Weakness: What does your business need to work on? What is the missing link that is keeping you back from achieving your success? Who is your weakest link? Ask yourself these questions and then get to work working to turn your weakness into a strength.

Opportunity: What opportunities are now available that may not have been available before? Is the Government offering grants for businesses? Is a new market opening that you can tap into? Look around at all the opportunities for your business growth and development and then jump right in. A new opportunity could be the turning point to your success. Can you create an opportunity for somebody else?

Threats: All businesses have to overcome some threat. The economic crash or the real estate crash was a big threat to many businesses. Some threats you can foresee and others you cannot. How can you turn a threat into an opportunity to expand or step out of your comfort zone.

When first planning your business, you may have had a very clear vision for what your business would be and how it would grow. Over time this vision may change because of changing circumstances or the economic or political climate. Change is not always a bad thing. Doing a SWOT analysis every year or so can allow you to plan for the evolution of your business.

Still have questions about how to complete your SWOT analysis? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or drop me an email at mkgdynamics@gmail.com

Stay Positive!


It is no secret that our biggest critic is ourselves. Every day we wake up and we say our prayers and then we start our daily routine of self-sabotage. We talk ourselves out of a deal. We talk ourselves out of approaching a potential business client. We even talk ourselves out of going to the gym to ensure our bodies are in tip top shape. Why do we do this? It is different for everybody. Some do it out of fear; others do it unconsciously; but it is a learned action which means we can unlearn it if we really put our minds to it. So before you talk yourselves out of understanding why we self-criticize first we must understand that whatever we keep repeating to ourselves will manifest in our lives every day. We do not even realize that in very small ways we are sabotaging our own business.

For example, you have started your business from home and you think you have limited resources. You say to yourself, I cannot print business cards now because I do not have the money; or I cannot approach this investor at the next meeting because I do not have all the skills necessary to provide a proper service. But what would happen if you started to say positive things to yourself like, I am going to print my cards at the end of the month so I can promote my business; or I am going to speak to the investor and share with him what I already know. Having a strong belief in yourself and your idea goes a long way in your own business success. Speak your success into being. From today, take stock of all the negative things you say to yourself out of fear or uncertainty and change the conversation you have in your head.

You can do it because you said so! And in case you need help in finding clarity for your business and removing your self-sabotaging voice, feel free to contact us at mkgdynamics@gmail.com

Anxiety and Excitement at my own mastermind meeting.

Anxiety and Excitement at my own mastermind meeting.

In 2015, I had a dream to become a coach. I knew I had the skill but I also recognized that there was so much more I needed to learn and so my journey began. I studied, got my own coach and got to offering free coaching sessions. My plate was full and I loved every second of every day of my journey. I could see what my future would look like and I was excited about the progress I was making.

The funny thing is that I am an introvert by nature. I am the last person who would go up to a complete stranger and tell them about my business or what I did for a living. I listened, I absorbed and if I was asked a question then and only then I engaged. I enjoyed listening to people more than anything because I understood that by listening, I could get a better understanding of the things that were hurting them. And then I could literally visualize a solution for them or at least a first step. By listening, I was able to see things I know they were not seeing.

Coming to the end of my 3 months of coaching I decided to start my own Facebook group. Why? Because I was looking for support, plain and simple. I wanted a space where I could vent about the frustrations of building a business, yet share ideas and motivate others. I wanted and needed a space where I felt comfortable talking about my own business. So I created Dynamic Business Strategist and added 5 friends who I knew also needed a space and from there more and more people were added. Every time I spoke to someone who had a business, I asked them if they wanted to join and so my group grew and my tribe grew and my client base grew. It was and continues to be an amazing experience.

And then, on March 19th, I hosted my first ever mastermind group with members from my Facebook group. I shared the idea on the group page 4 weeks before and so many people loved the idea that I knew I had to do it. With butterflies in my stomach I forged ahead with planning. On the day, I felt a mixture of anxiety, nerves and excitement, but as I introduced myself and the other entrepreneurs started to share their own stories, all my worries just slipped away. It was happening. It was finally happening.

I am so glad I was able to share my passion and bring these entrepreneurs together. My dreams are slowly but surely unfolding in front of my eyes and I know this is just the beginning of something great not just for me but for each one of them as well.

I plan to have at least 2 more meet ups for 2016 and I know that each one will be better than the last.

It just goes to show that once you have a dream and you put it into motion, great things can happen!