What does your business plan really say…


When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Many of us spent so much time writing a business plan when we first embarked on this entrepreneurial journey and put that final full stop and never looked back. If you were to go back to it now, have you actually followed what you set out to accomplish. Are you serving the same clients? Has it made the amount of money that you estimated?

Has it grown and developed as you have predicted and can you pin point exactly when the execution and your plan started to diverge.

Any plan is fluid we understand that and that is why it is important every so often to review your plan. Have your mission and vision available and visible to you. As you get into the day to day tasks of running your own business you will realize how many things change or may not be what you predicted when you first put your business plan together.

Update your business plan often because the future is the hardest thing to predict. Keep it fluid and flowing and as new information comes to you either through customers, stakeholders or a shift in the market, update it again. As you learn more about your customers and how they are responding to new trends, go right ahead and update it again. Your business plan is only the idea of what you have for your business but in order to remain competitive, relevant and in the game, you have to keep updating your plan.

What are you waiting for? Start to update your plan today and in case you need any assistance  feel free to contact us at info@mkgdynamics.com 

Position Yourself!

Position yourself as the leader in your industry

The market is so saturated with new businesses offering the same or similar services and we often asked by our clients how do they stand out. How do they let their voices be heard on a small budget? How do I ensure that people see me, my product or my service and how do I maintain my relevance. The answer is not simple but it is very doable.

It really is all about how you position yourself. If you are passionate about your business and you have knowledge about how it can benefit people’s life, then you start from there. Some simple steps include:

  1. Engage with as many people as possible

Do not miss an opportunity to talk about your business and how it can help. Set a goal of talking or reaching out to at least 5 new persons every day and grow your business and your brand.

  1. Listen

Really pay attention to what people are saying and what they need. In meeting new people, avoid going into sales pitch mode. They may not need all of your services but there just may be a way that your product or service can make their life better. Listen to what they are saying and grasp what they need from you before you go into pitch overdrive.

  1. Share

Share your knowledge with others. Other younger businesses who may be coming up in the market. Share your expertise. Share the mistakes that you have made and how you were able to overcome them. When other entrepreneurs realise how willing you are to share information about your experience as a business person, they will look up to you and they will seek you out for advice.


  1. Share some more

Not only in meeting with new people every day, but share via your website, blog, newsletter or social media pages. Share and interact with the persons liking your page and asking questions. Open yourself to dialogue and mutually support each other.

  1. Do not be afraid to say you do not know

Many of us feel we need to have all the answers. The truth is that if a client asks us for an opinion or a solution to a problem and we do not know, then be honest. Say that you are unsure but you can do some work and get back to them. Your integrity and your reputation is one of the most important attributes of being a successful business person.

Positioning yourself as a market leader or expert in your field is one of the keys to your success. It takes a lot of work to get your business set up, recognized and successful. But it can be done.  


Our biggest critic is ourselves

It is no secret that our biggest critic is ourselves. Every day we wake up and we say our prayers and then we start our daily routine of self-sabotage. We talk ourselves out of a deal. We talk ourselves out of a approaching a potential business client. We even talk ourselves out of going to the gym to ensure our bodies are in tip top shape. Why do we do this? It is different for everybody. Some do it out of fear; others do it unconsciously; but it is a learned action which means we can unlearn it if we really put our minds to it. So before you talk yourselves out of understanding why we self-criticize first we must understand that whatever we keep repeating to ourselves will manifest in our lives every day. We do not even realize that in very small ways we are sabotaging our own business.

So for example you have started your business from home and you think you have limited resources. You say to yourself, I cannot print business cards now because I do not have the money; or I cannot approach this investor at the next meeting because I do not have all the skills necessary to provide a proper service. But what would happen if you started to say positive things to yourself like, I am going to print my cards at the end of the month so I can promote my business; or I am going to speak to the investor and share with him what I already know. Having a strong belief in yourself and your idea goes a long way in your own business success. Speak your success into being. From today, take stock of all the negative things you say to yourself out of fear or uncertainty and change the conversation you have in your head.

You can do it because you said so!

And in case you need help in finding clarity for your business and removing your self-sabotaging voice, feel free to contact us at mkgdynamics@gmail.com or book a Discovery Call!

My home is my office, my sanctuary and my prison!

When people talk about the freedom of being an entrepreneur, one of the things they always site is the freedom of working from home. They paint this picture of waking up whenever you want, not having to endure long commutes and not being hounded to attend mind numbing meetings that serve absolutely no purpose. The picture is beautiful. It’s serene and to some it even sounds magical. But nobody tells you about the downside of working from home.


How sometimes you have the tv on in the background just so it sounds like someone else is in the house, or how you pull all your curtains open wide so that you get rays of sunshine so you do not feel as isolated. Or how about feeling suffocated because the walls are literally closing in on you. Granted not everybody who works at home experiences these feelings but many of us whose business is mainly online and who do not have to physically meet clients or even meet stakeholders, we sometimes experience a sense of loneliness and isolation in this world of entrepreneurship.

Working from home has many benefits. It is something that millions around the world seek out and few really get to enjoy. It is rewarding in its own way yet scary at the best of times. It means sometimes starting work at 7am in the morning and not shutting off till 10pm at night only to realize you did not eat a meal or even speak to another human who was not a client or potential client. Your computer and your phone become your new best friends. Many days you enjoy the solitude of working from home, basking in the silence of the day as birds fly by your window and dogs bark in the distance. Most days you say thank god you did not have to sit through 2 hours of gridlock traffic to get to and from a freezing office. But on other days you feel trapped! Yes…trapped! Between 4 walls, loads of paper and a blinking laptop that is on its final breathe.

Some days I go to the mall and order a coffee chiller and just watch people walk by. Or go to the bank because somebody will actually talk to me as I wait in line…lol. Or call a friend and meet them for lunch just for an hour to get other human interaction. Many people don’t tell you the truth about working from home. I wouldn’t replace it for the world but some days as an online entrepreneur, I need a vacation from my own little sanctuary.


Have you experienced any of these feeling working from home? Tell me in the comments below.

My strange addiction

I never realized how much I was addicted to my wifi until the day I was busy trying to put together the email sequence for my first webinar and when it was time for me to test the software…poof. Nada. Zilch.

Restart modem and still nothing. Call the company and still nothing and of course panic started to set in. How would I get this done? My night was ruined and I felt stuck and unmotivated. So I had myself a 20 minute pity party ( as we all do) and then I started to make a note of all the other things I had to get done for my business.

I had a lot of content to put together, for my blog, my website, my emails, my challenges, my programmes etc. I also had to plan my calendar for next month and set my monthly goal. I had to update my client files and my invoices and I had to get my paper work together to complete my taxes.

After writing out my list, I stepped backed and realized that we think we need one thing so desperately to get all our work done but the truth is that we have so much other things that we can be getting done that will not require it.

Yes having the wifi was important but it should not and did not stop me from getting work done. For the next 2 hours I pounded away on my laptop working on all my content. At the end of the night I felt fulfilled and accomplished knowing that I did not let that my strange addiction keep me back from pushing through and staying focused on growing my business.

Do not let the little things side track you from your bigger goal. Your strategy may change but your goal remains the same…which is to grow your business!

If you need help to keep motivated, stay focused and get you clear about what you need to do to grow your business then contact me for a free discovery call so we can start putting your business on the right track.

The first day of the rest of my life

The first day of the rest of my life

Today is the first day that I am free. Free to fully pursue my dream and my passion and live the life that I really want. It has been months, even years in planning. Many things stopped me in my tracks every time I was ready to make this leap of faith but finally…finally I have done it.

Why? Because I got really sick. Like physically and emotionally sick and after spending thousands of dollars by the doctor and surgery I realized that I could never be fully healthy if I was not living my best life possible. I studied and then I hired 2 coaches. I got better at my craft and I asked for feedback. I worked on manifesting exactly what I wanted and I reaffirmed my spiritual connections.

I work with entrepreneurs everyday who have made this jump before me and I hear the fear in our conversations, so I totally get it. As a biz coach I was also wracked with fear and like I tell my clients, it’s about taking massive action and believing in yourself. And I believed in them so much that I had to step back and realize that I had to believe in myself as much as I believed in them.

Over the last year I have worked on myself inside and outside. I have prayed, I have cried and I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone till I got anxiety and panic attacks. I have been ready for months and now I am free. I hope you join me on this journey. I hope you can learn from me and I hope that I can help as many of you as possible. Let’s do this!

If you are ready like me to gain your freedom, then now is the time to book your free discovery call 

What to outsource in your business


The excitement of starting your own business venture is exhilarating. You have your perfect product or service and you have clients pounding at your door. Things are exactly how you envisioned. Fast forward to three months later and besides dealing one on one with your clients every single day you have to balance your books, post pictures and notices on your social media platforms, you have to update your website on a weekly basis, you have to network at least twice a week, then develop strategies to grow your business even further which may mean bringing in new staff and new salaries and paying taxes and NIS plus still find time to spend quality time with your family. It gets overwhelming pretty fast!

But the good news is that you do not have to do it alone. Not because it is your dream means that you have to be chief cook and bottle washer. In fact many businesses fail because the owners do not relinquish some control of the day to day activities of their venture. Some of the most successful business owners understand that they need to outsource some of the running or activities of their business so they can focus on their strengths in the business. The time you may take to load a new blog or post pictures to your Facebook page can be spent meeting with clients and closing a new deal. The revenue you make taking care of the core of the business will far outweigh paying someone to take care of the back end items.

Outsourcing does not mean not understanding the methods and procedures. In fact it means that you manage what is done from a distance. It means you understand what your revenue and expenditure is but you hire somebody to do the paper work. It means you have an eye for detail and you understand how your website should look but you hire somebody to create the design and populate your site.

Some of the most common outsourced jobs include:

  • Web developer/graphic artists
  • Accountant
  • Sales
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Social Media Management
  • Writing/Editing/Blogging

Outsourcing is one of the best things you can do for your business.