Our biggest critic is ourselves

It is no secret that our biggest critic is ourselves. Every day we wake up and we say our prayers and then we start our daily routine of self-sabotage. We talk ourselves out of a deal. We talk ourselves out of a approaching a potential business client. We even talk ourselves out of going to the gym to ensure our bodies are in tip top shape. Why do we do this? It is different for everybody. Some do it out of fear; others do it unconsciously; but it is a learned action which means we can unlearn it if we really put our minds to it. So before you talk yourselves out of understanding why we self-criticize first we must understand that whatever we keep repeating to ourselves will manifest in our lives every day. We do not even realize that in very small ways we are sabotaging our own business.

So for example you have started your business from home and you think you have limited resources. You say to yourself, I cannot print business cards now because I do not have the money; or I cannot approach this investor at the next meeting because I do not have all the skills necessary to provide a proper service. But what would happen if you started to say positive things to yourself like, I am going to print my cards at the end of the month so I can promote my business; or I am going to speak to the investor and share with him what I already know. Having a strong belief in yourself and your idea goes a long way in your own business success. Speak your success into being. From today, take stock of all the negative things you say to yourself out of fear or uncertainty and change the conversation you have in your head.

You can do it because you said so!

And in case you need help in finding clarity for your business and removing your self-sabotaging voice, feel free to contact us at mkgdynamics@gmail.com or book a Discovery Call!


7 thoughts on “Our biggest critic is ourselves

  1. susanmarymalone

    Isn’t it just amazing when you start actually “hearing” all that negative talk. I was so shocked the first time I did! But so true, Adanna–we are our biggest critics.


  2. I agree that we are our biggest critics, and often we aren’t even aware of the unconscious self-talk that continues to run in the background all the time. It takes practice to stop and observe the things we are saying to ourselves that stop us from moving forward in our lives. Thanks for sharing your perspective and for the reminder to get out of our own way, so we can move towards the dreams and goals we have for ourselves!


  3. I agree, we are the biggest critic of ourselves. I notice as I get older, I am not as critical, maybe it’s age or wisdom. Whatever it is, I am happier with myself than I was years ago. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Perfection doesn’t exist. And I will say that many of the points you make are especially true of women, who don’t have the confidence to invest in themselves or their business. We definitely need to examine our self-talk to find out whose voices we’re hearing in our heads — and then change it.


  5. So true… we ARE our biggest critic and thus the same very person is the one that is holding us back… telling us no, we can’t do this. As far as buying business cards or marketing your business… I always say… you can’t afford NOT to.


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