The Fear Factor

Even I suffer from fear from time to time. Fear of people judging and questioning what I want to share. Fear of not knowing enough and fear of not being able to help the people I really want to help. It’s natural but it does not have to be debilitating. Trust me. There is a way to overcome it and if you really want to be a success in business you have to climb up, crawl over and then jump away from this barrier.

Fear is false expectation appearing real. It is not real! Repeat after me…IT IS NOT REAL!!! Get out of your head and start living the life that you want. Allow your business to grow and expand and stop holding your awesomeness back because you are living in a world of fear.

And as I always tell my clients, what is the worse that can happen? The worse thing is that people don’t buy your product or hire you…guess what… they are not your ideal clients. The people who need you will find you. Your fear can keep you back from taking the action you need to take to grow, build and prosper.

So starting today, let’s let go of the fear and start living.

How I get out of my funk

Like everybody else there are times when I fall into a funk. When I don’t feel motivated to get up and do what I know needs to get done. We have all been through these spells and trust me when I tell you it is very very natural. Life happens but business goes on. Sometimes I let my day past and allow myself to be in my funk for one day but after that 24 hours I know I need to shake it off, jump out of it and press forward. Sounds easy? Nope it is not.

But the key is to find that thing which will wake up the drive inside of you so that you keep pushing through and you remember the WHY of my business. Some of the things I do to lift me out of my funk include:

1. Call a friend. Yes we all have that friend or family who knows how to uplift your spirit and give you that extra push to move forward. Call them, go out for lunch or just send them a text and ask them for help. It is okay to get help.

2. Listen to a motivation video. I subscribe to many different motivational audio books and videos. My go to persons are Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Joel Osteen and Lisa Nicholls. A dose of any one of them back to back, lifts my spirits, shifts my mindset and gets me in such a positive attitude to make the change I need to make.

3. Say a prayer. The power of prayer is unbelievable. Just saying a simple prayer or series of prayers moves my spirit and gets me in a better frame of mind.

4. Start writing. I write down my goals, I write down what I am trying to achieve, I write why I am awesome and why I need to get up today and get back on my journey

5. I read my testimonials! Yup, I log onto my social media platforms and read the testimonials that are left by my clients. Reading these helps me to reaffirm my purpose and gives me an extra boost to get up, get out and start moving.

Getting into a funk is okay every now and then, but your strength comes in knowing how and when to pull your boot straps on and get back on your journey.

Stop Hiding

So many of us hide behind our computers under the pretense that if we post often on social media and engage in enough discussions with people in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + then our businesses will grow and we will dominate the market. Do not get us wrong, we understand the importance of social media marketing and connecting with your customers using this media. But only up to a point. No business can survive and sustain on social media alone. Even an internet based business owner needs to step away from his computer.

Marketing your business utilises a combination of strategies. More effective than social media is actually talking about your business. One of the most fundamental things any serious business person should be doing is talking about his business to everyone. Talk about your business until it becomes part of everyday ordinary conversation. And by talk we do not mean just walk up to people and start to tell people about your product or service, but when meeting someone new or even an older acquaintance, genuinely see how your product or service can benefit them or someone they know. Be genuine in your conversations and do not just push your business down people’s throat. Understand their needs and wants and tailor your conversation about your business around their own desires.

It requires you to get out of your head, be humble, listen attentively and really hear what the other person needs. Each day challenge yourself to talk to one or two new persons about what you do and how you your business can assist them. Share your business card and listen to what they also have to offer. At the end of the day, you may not close a big deal, but that is one more person who has a clear idea of what you do or offer and who can then share that information with somebody else. It’s free advertising and it did not cost you a cent. Just an attentive ear and a smile.

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I am giving away everything for free!

The easiest way to get new clients is to give away a lot of free stuff. There I said it. I know you must be cursing me at the back of your head and saying….is she mad? There is no way I can give away a lot of free stuff in my business. I will go broke!!!

But the fact is that if you start by giving people what they want for free, eventually they will buy it. So let me explain before you get all riled up. If you have a brick and mortar store selling clothes for example, by no means am I suggesting you give your clothes away for free, but give your knowledge away. When a client enters your store and you start to interact, share with them the best colours for their skin tone, the best cuts for their body types, what the latest styles and fashion is and show them why certain outfits compliment them. Give away your knowledge for free!

Similarly if you are on social media, share your knowledge. Give advice, show examples, tell your followers about the latest trends in fashion. Discuss body types and colour schemes. Give it away for free so that by the time you ask for the sale there is no way they will say no because they would already know you as the expert in your field.

You have to give to get. You have to build relationships, like and trust. You have to prove to your ideal clients that you know your ish or else they won’t buy from you consistently. You have to show up and give them something to talk about everyday.

So what can you give away for free today? What are you an expert in that you can share?
What information do your clients need and want?

Tell me in the comments below

When your plan does not go according to plan.

I remember when I first started my coaching business, I would write down my goals, say my daily affirmations and set out being active every day to ensure my goals were being met. I did a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day goal and then I broke them down into actionable steps. I had a long term vision for my business and I was set and excited. My mindset was right and I was building my team.


Then all of a sudden, you know what happened, the things I had planned for my 60 days goals started to happen in 30 days and my 90 days goals were happening in 60 days! Things were starting to move at lightning speed. All my plans and intentions were falling into place and before you knew it my business took off in 30 days full steam ahead as opposed to my 90 days goal.


Why? Because I was clear about exactly what I wanted. I understood what I needed to do and sacrifice to get it done. My WHY was so big that nothing could hold me back from getting what I wanted and the right people were attracted to me because of my energy, my vision and my passion.

It’s not impossible and it can also happen to you no matter what your goal is. In life, in business or in your relationships, become very clear about what you want it to look like. Set your intentions in motion and sit back and enjoy as things fall into place, sometimes faster than you even think possible.