Why spending time each day to visualize is important

Hustle! That’s what we like to do. Hustle hard. Everywhere you turn people are telling you to push and hustle harder to get what you want in business and while I agree that you have to work smart and strategically to grow your business, do you know what you are hustling hard to become?

I always was a spiritual being. I believe and still do believe that whatever I pray for will be mine and it usually is. Maybe not in the time I want it but that is another story. But I knew that once I closed my eyes and asked for what I wanted and could picture it I felt a renewed energy to go out and get it. Years ago I never knew what visualization was until I came across old episodes of Oprah interviewing Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey. Both men spoke about visualization and the use of a vision board.

 I realised then that that was what set them (uber rich movie stars) apart from us (struggling to grow our business). Not that they had a better skill or knowledge than any of us but that they had a clear vision of what they wanted. Many entrepreneurs not so much.


 The art of visualization means clearing your head of clutter and really honing in on what you want your future to look and feel like. It means having a mental picture of who you will become, how much you will make and who you are going to help. It even means knowing when you want this to happen and how you want it to happen. Creating realistic, picture perfect images in  your mind is a key component to tour success.

After you have created the vision, you have to believe in the vision and then get into massive action to make it happen. Along the way you may fail. In fact you will fail. The sooner you accept that the better. Failure is part of your journey. But your goal remains the same while your strategy may change.

Create a vision for your life, career, family or business. Decide when you want this vision to become a reality and then get into massive action to make it happen.

This is one of the exercises I conduct with my own clients and this simple exercise wakes up something inside them that they never knew was asleep. What you can see is what you believe and can achieve.

Have you ever done visualization for your life. If not, why not?

 It is time to create a clear vision for  your business and then see it come to life.
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Who is in your tribe?

Who you choose to hang around with is just as important to the success of your business. We call them different things- our family, our friends, our tribes, our bbf’s. Whatever you choose to call them, if they understand your journey, your struggle and why you are making these huge sacrifices to make your life better then your business has a better chance of survival.
I encourage my clients to surround themselves with like minded persons. Persons who are in the same stage of business or who have surpassed their journey. Doing this does a few things for you. It allows you to talk openly and freely about your business when you want and create a safe space for you to share your fears and concerns. It also allows you to brainstorm new ideas and even collaborate with others so that your business can grow much faster.
The people that make up your tribe are your first support system, they should be able to call you on your BS, cheer you on when you feel down, refer you to new clients, provides nuggets of information to you, open your eyes to new ways of thinking and learning and allow you to grow at a consistent steady pace. When you are not around the right people, it fuels your doubts and fears, makes you question why you are in business and if you are making the right decisions and slows your progress tremendously.
Today, step back and take a real look at the people that surround you. Are they supporting you or demotivating you? Are they encouraging to push harder or allowing you to live in laziness? Choose who you want to be your tribe, support system, business bff and commit to moving forward with their support.
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You are afraid of commitment

You either want it or you don’t. In business it is that simple. Yes it may sound harsh but it is the truth. Do you want a business? Financial freedom? Time to spend with family? To create a difference and help others? To turn your passion into something sustainable? Well commit to doing it!

Nobody is saying the road will be easy. In fact it will be darn hard. You will fail, cry, scream and feel like giving up a thousand times but that is when you commit. Your commitment to your business is serious. It’s non stop and everlasting. Your commitment has to be so strong that you feel you won’t breathe unless you get this thing done.

It sometimes means that people will laugh at you and not understand why you do what you do. It is lonely and sometimes devastating. But with commitment…..ahhhhh……it is oh so rewarding.

So are you committed or not?

If not, then please move on and stop torturing yourself and the people around you.

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Most great business persons have had a coach/mentor

You know the old saying- It takes a village to raise a child…well the same can be said for raising a business. No business person can stand alone. Most of who have come up with great business ideas soon realize that we need help/support and advice from other like-minded persons. Sometimes without this support a business can dwindle away before it even begins. And more importantly, if you ask most successful business persons today, they will tell you that had a coach or mentor. Whether officially or unofficially, a coach/mentor helps to motivate you and keep you on the path to success.

Do you ever wonder why athletes have coaches? Well it’s the same concept. A coach can see things you may not see while you are on the field. A coach can praise you from the sidelines and let you know when you are making mis-steps and need to revise your strategy. In fact, a coach can help you strategize your next move and then hold your hand as you transition.

Coaches come in all different shapes and forms. When considering choosing a mentor/coach, it does not need to be somebody in the same line of business, but at least someone with business experience. A coach with experience can help you avoid some of the pitfalls you will likely experience as an entrepreneur. He will keep you focused on the bigger plans and share some of his own experiences on his journey to success. He will get you out of the rut that you are in and motivate you to keep pushing even when you cannot see the road clearly ahead.

Any business person worth his salt understands the importance of coaching and how it can shape his future.

Taking the leap

So many entrepreneurs suffer burn out and frustration trying to build their business because they are still working a traditional 8 to 4 job. Many lament about the lack of time to really grow their business or the lack of opportunity to delegate some tasks so they could focus on the money generating aspects of business.

Working your full time job while managing a business at the side is no easy task and it is not for the faint at heart by any means. It takes commitment, dedication and time management which sometimes leads to stress, anxiety, fear and doubt. All normal reactions when you are in business. But there comes a point in time when you have no choice but to take the leap. The big leap which lands you slap dab in the entrepreneurial seat. The time when you know the only way for your business to grow is to get out of your traditional 8 to 4 and do what your heart desires. But before you do any of that……I have 10 things you absolutely must do before you take the leap.


Do not make the mistake so many budding entrepreneurs make by leaving without a plan. My last will help you put things in perspective and set you out with a plan before you take that leap. Because trust me, when you cross over to the other side, you are ready for a brand new adventure.

Check out the list here: 10 things to do before you start your own business!
See you on the other side!

What we have learnt so far…

We have been in this business of helping other businesses exceed, grow and breakthrough new markets for quite a number of years and there are a few key things that we have learnt along the way. Some of them include:

1. Always keep learning

Reading and educating yourself is key to your success. You never know too much. There is always a new way, a better way, a more unconventional way. How can you help your clients if you yourself are not educated about the products and services that are available on the market.

2. Share your knowledge/vision

Some people think that if they have a piece of valuable information, the best thing to dos is keep it close to their chest. But in sharing your knowledge, in voicing your vision and allowing others to give you feedback you actually grow and learn. Your business will thrive once more people know about your vision and they know that you know. Sharing your knowledge can also place you as the market leader.

3. Get a coach/mentor

You cannot do it alone. Somebody has done exactly what you are trying to do and has experienced many of the pitfalls you are bound to experience. Getting a coach or a mentor can help you avoid many of those pitfalls. They can keep you focused on the bigger picture and keep you accountable as you move towards growing and expanding your business. A good coach will steer you in the right direction and let you know.

4. Engage/Network

They won’t just come to you if you sit behind your computer or stay in your office all day. The way to grow your business is to engage. Get up, go out and meet 5 new people a day or a week. Respond to request on social media and ask questions as well. Unless we engage with people who can our potential clients or refer us to our potential clients then our business will not grow as fast as we think.

5. Take Massive Action

I cannot say this enough. TAKE ACTION. MASSIVE ACTION. Get up and jump into it. Forget your fear, your doubts and your worries, just do it! Nothing will happen if you do not take massive action.

6. Do not talk yourself out of your success

Finally, you can do it! Say that to yourself every morning. Because you can do it! Do not talk yourself out of your own success, but talk yourself into what you want your business to feel like, sound like and what you want your clients to experience. Say it over and over. Speak it into being over and over and over again. Remove and erase all negative talk and speak positivity into yourself and your business everyday.

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