Who is in your tribe?

Who you choose to hang around with is just as important to the success of your business. We call them different things- our family, our friends, our tribes, our bbf’s. Whatever you choose to call them, if they understand your journey, your struggle and why you are making these huge sacrifices to make your life better then your business has a better chance of survival.
I encourage my clients to surround themselves with like minded persons. Persons who are in the same stage of business or who have surpassed their journey. Doing this does a few things for you. It allows you to talk openly and freely about your business when you want and create a safe space for you to share your fears and concerns. It also allows you to brainstorm new ideas and even collaborate with others so that your business can grow much faster.
The people that make up your tribe are your first support system, they should be able to call you on your BS, cheer you on when you feel down, refer you to new clients, provides nuggets of information to you, open your eyes to new ways of thinking and learning and allow you to grow at a consistent steady pace. When you are not around the right people, it fuels your doubts and fears, makes you question why you are in business and if you are making the right decisions and slows your progress tremendously.
Today, step back and take a real look at the people that surround you. Are they supporting you or demotivating you? Are they encouraging to push harder or allowing you to live in laziness? Choose who you want to be your tribe, support system, business bff and commit to moving forward with their support.
And if you want added support and motivation, then join my free Facebook group  Dynamic Business Strategist of over 300 entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey as you.
See you on the inside.

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