The Olympics of Business

The 2016 Olympic games are in full swing and no matter which country or athlete we are cheering on, there are many lessons we can learn from the Olympics as entrepreneurs.

1. Stay focused. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep working towards your gold everyday.

2. Practice, practice, practice. The best of the best made it to Rio because they practiced their craft tirelessly.

3. Do not get distracted by the noise. So much negative news has been shared about the Olympics and even some athletes, but they are going out there and just doing what they do best.

4. Sometimes you will get a false start! Get back to the starting line and go again.

5. You need to prove yourself to your clients, hence why they have the semi finals. Get past your semi finals and get in the line up for the finals and your gold.

6. Be humble and celebrate with others. Even as you see others passing the finish line in front of you, celebrate with them. They are your motivation.

7. It takes a team to win. None of those athletes could have done it alone. They all had a great coach and support staff and the backing of nations behind them. Build a strong team around you.

8. Every athlete has a goal. To win gold! What is your goal for your life and your business?  What has the Olympics taught you so far?

Business is definitely not a race or a sport but it is a journey of hard work, dedication, focus and persistence. And like all the winning athletes, you need a coach. So book your discovery call today and let’s get a gold medal just for you!


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