How to give without giving it all away for nothing.

Those of us who provide a service to our clients know the importance of building know, like and trust. We understand the rules of giving free valuable content to our clients so they understand how we can help and we are viewed as the experts in our fields. We know that everyday we have to give away some part of ourselves, our stories and our expertise in order to snag that high end client.

And there are many times where we feel that we are giving soooo much yet still not booking clients. Still not getting enough clients knocking on our doors begging to work for us and we give and give some more. But here is the problem with giving everything away all the time. Because your potential clients get so accustomed to getting so much free information and advice from you, they expect to always get free advice and service. I am not saying not to give valuable content but what I am saying is that you have to SELL.

Sell everyday. Promote something that they need to sign up to. Get them in the habit of not only receiving free valuable content but paying for some of it. Mix up your offerings with high end and low end products, but sell something so that they actually do get into action while they receive the free valuable content. Ask for the sale everyday in some way or form.

This is where we service providers falter. We have not mastered the art of giving and still asking. We either give all away and get frustrated that no one is buying or all we do is sell and don’t provide any content for people to understand how we can help. The key is in finding the balance so that you share your message and still ask for the sale.

Don’t fall into that trap! It leads to frustration, resentment and often times failure in business. Be smart in what you offer and how you offer and always ask for the sale.

Need help in asking for and closing your sale? Then hop on a discovery call with me today and let us discuss some dynamic strategies to help you land those high paying clients.


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