Your success is staring you in the face

One of the ways entrepreneurs frustrate themselves is by doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. We post on social media at least 5 times a day, we have weekly and monthly specials, we are printing fliers and handing them out to everyone and then we sit and complain to anyone who would listen how we have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Or that noone wants to buy from them. And then a new month starts and they do the exact same thing!!

As an entrepreneur part of your success comes with analysing and researching your market effectively. If something is not working, step back and figure out why. Ask your customers why they did not buy (most will say they had no money); ask them what could make the deal sweeter, what can be added and what can be taken away (do not offer a discount on a discount please people!!!) And when you have done all of that step even further back and have a good look at the businesses and people around you.

Whether you provide a physical product or a service, whether you have a brick and mortar store or you work from home, you are surrounded by people and businesses who may be ripe and ready to buy from you. Start at home.

Make a list of the businesses, schools, community centres, associations, government buildings or organisations in a 3 mile radius of you. Do you have many of taxi drivers passing on your street? Do school children pass in front of your house everyday? Do the teachers in the school have somewhere they go to buy lunch? How often does your community centre hold functions? Do people like to vacation in your part of the world? What are your nieces, nephews and neighbours wearing? Are there alot of elderly in your community? Does your alma mater or local association need speakers? How are you interacting with your community? Are you sponsoring events and volunteering?

Take a real step back and figure out how you can serve the people who are directly in your area. Many times the answers are staring us directly in our face and we skip over them believing we have to stretch far and wide to get that sale, especially when we are now starting up in business.  Pay closer attention to what is directly in front of you and you will be amazed about the amount of business you can garner right in your own backyard.

Your success is waiting for you to grab hold of it. So what are you waiting for?

I challenge you to reach out to the people, businesses, associations etc that are close to you and focus on how much business you can drum up just based on building those relationships first. Get more involved in your community and let’s make your business grow!



Why being patient is key to your success

Today I was drawn to do a live stream on staying calm. Why? Because over the last few days I have worked really closely with some brand new entrepreneurs and the sad truth is that they all expect miracles to happen over night. I am not sure when this new thing happened. When people started to expect immediate results from something they literally started just last night. Not only is it not possible but it will hamper your long term success.

Rome was not built in a day! Yes it is an old cliche but it is so true and anyone who is selling you overnight success is trying to rob you blind. If you want success…true last sustainable success…you need to be patient with your self. Set your goals; identify your clients; build relationships; test your products and services; tweak and improve and then do it all over again; learn the tools and systems that will help you work optimally, delegate some stuff and work on your mindset. There are alot of things that you need to do and you need to be focused on to build a great big successful business.

But, more than that- YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT WHEN GROWING YOUR BUSINESS (tweet that!)

Patience is key. Patience is a really essential ingredient. Stop beating yourself up because clients are not rushing to your door. Stop whining and complaining that things are not falling into place fast enough. Stop losing sleep over things you have no control over. Focus on the things that you can control and commit to working hard and doing things everyday that will bring you closer to your success. Have a goal, break it into smaller actionable steps and get into action every single day of your life, but be patient people.

Your business will not be built in a day!



The power of your words

_dsc0066In April 2015, when I made the conscious decision to become a business coach, I remember that Saturday morning that the wheels started turning. All of a sudden I was receiving countless information about how to become a coach; how to transfer the knowledge I already had; where to get training for coaching. It was like if I thought about it and a flood gate of information started to fall in my lap. I did not realise it at the time but what I was putting out into the Universe was being answered.

I did a ton of research; I started school again; I got on the phone with international coaches; I found an awesome accountability partner and eventually I hired my own coach to help me get in the right mindset for this big transformation that was about to take over my life. I signed up clients, I kept on learning and I built a lucrative business in a matter of months so I was able to leave my full time job and start my own business.

There have been ups and downs do not get me wrong, but the journey has been memorable and enlightening. I share all this to say to you that your words have power! Before I left my job, I was already introducing myself as a business coach. In 2015, I started to announce to the world that I would leave my job pretty soon and start my own business. Not much people believed me but then again I had nothing to prove to them! I said it over and over until it became part of my introduction to anyone new that I met.

In October 2016, as I cleared out some junk out of my now home office, a piece of paper fell out of a book I was reading last year. It said- By May 1st, 2016, I will be a full time coach! Seeing those words on paper brought tears to my eyes. Why? Because I wrote that in April 2015 and tucked it away but I had let the Universe know what I wanted and it answered. I officially left my job on May 9th 2016, just 8 days than my written date but by May 1st 2016 I was a full time business coach!

What you desire and what you think and speak will become your reality. Use your words wisely and be sure about what you ask the Universe to deliver. Mine was not a stroke of luck but a strong belief and conviction in myself that this is the life meant for me.

3 ways to market your business when you have no budget



As a new entrepreneur sometimes it hard to find the money you need to do everything you want to do in your business. You know that you need to be visible and position yourself as an expert in front of your ideal clients everyday but boy oh boy where do you get the money to do this?

Well let me share with you 3 easy ways to market yourself on budget

  1. Set up your social media

Social media is ultimately free and while we all agree that doing ads is the fastest way to get clients, on a budget you just need to be creative. Whether on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin on pinterest, the key is not to just start a business page but invite people to like the page; share your biz pages to your personal pages; engage with everyone who visits your page and more importantly like, comment and engage in groups on facebook and linkedin specifically if your ideal clients are there. On twitter, follow, retweet and comment on the opinion leaders in your field. Ask relevant questions and participate every single day so that people will know, like and trust you and ultimately buy from you

  1. Start blogging

This is one of the things I encourage all of my clients to do. Having a blog is an easy to establish your self as an opinion leader. It is your voice, your words and your point of view. Blog at least 2 to 3 times a week and share it everywhere your ideal clients can be found. Again respond to any questions or comments posted on your blog and keep it active with consistent blogging

  1. Collaborate

a. There are many different ways to collaborate. Find a business that offers a product or service that is complimentary to yours and approach the owner with a striking reason why the two of you should team up and work together.

b. In keeping with suggestion 2 of blogging, try reaching out to other bloggers or publications and request to contribute as a guest blogger. This way you get in front of thousands of other people you may not have had access to previously. Ever wonder why so many people run behind HuffingtonPost even though they do not get paid?

c. Let your voice be heard. Podcasting is a great medium. Like guest blogging, requesting to be a guest on a popular podcast show that targets your clients is ideal for getting your name out there.

So there you have it folks, 3 easy ways to market your business on no budget. Because we all know and can agree that without a marketing plan and with a strategy to get visible you more than likely can be struggling to grow your business weeks, months and years from now.

Still not sure where to start? Then hop on a free discovery call with me and let’s talk about where your business currently is, where you want it to be and work together to develop the strategies that will work for you.