Why being patient is key to your success

Today I was drawn to do a live stream on staying calm. Why? Because over the last few days I have worked really closely with some brand new entrepreneurs and the sad truth is that they all expect miracles to happen over night. I am not sure when this new thing happened. When people started to expect immediate results from something they literally started just last night. Not only is it not possible but it will hamper your long term success.

Rome was not built in a day! Yes it is an old cliche but it is so true and anyone who is selling you overnight success is trying to rob you blind. If you want success…true last sustainable success…you need to be patient with your self. Set your goals; identify your clients; build relationships; test your products and services; tweak and improve and then do it all over again; learn the tools and systems that will help you work optimally, delegate some stuff and work on your mindset. There are alot of things that you need to do and you need to be focused on to build a great big successful business.

But, more than that- YOU NEED TO BE PATIENT WHEN GROWING YOUR BUSINESS (tweet that!)

Patience is key. Patience is a really essential ingredient. Stop beating yourself up because clients are not rushing to your door. Stop whining and complaining that things are not falling into place fast enough. Stop losing sleep over things you have no control over. Focus on the things that you can control and commit to working hard and doing things everyday that will bring you closer to your success. Have a goal, break it into smaller actionable steps and get into action every single day of your life, but be patient people.

Your business will not be built in a day!




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