Why Journalling has saved my business

I have always been an avid writer. It is very carthatic for me. But when I took on the challenge of journalling every day for my business it revealed some inner truths about my beliefs that I did not want to confront. It made me question where I was and where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. My journal is not full of nice flowery language. What I write to myself is more than a pep talk. It is my commitment to myself to stop playing small and get things done in my life and in my business.


When I tell my clients that they need to journal, many of them feel that they just need to write down a to do list. But the truth is, it is a great way to flush your brain of the crap that we tend to fill it with. It is a great way to cleanse yourself and visualize what you want your life and business to be. On the days that I do feel stuck, I journal. When I feel lost and depressed, I journal. When I am not 100% sure of where to turn, I journal. And while I do not get to do it every single day because discipline is a HUGE issue, I do get to it at least 3 times a week and after every session, something miraculous always happens. Why? Because I have cleared space for it to happen. That is the power of journalling everyday. Imagine if I had more discipline…lol

Today, one of the coaches I follow @CassieHoward declared today journalling day. I had no intention of journalling today. My plan was to dive head first into my work because the last 3 days have been a blur of emotions. I had no intentions of digging deep into my emotions and questioning what I was doing. I had no intentions of sharing my deepest darkest desires on paper or spending a whole hour and a half just writing. That was not on my to do list today. But when I saw the call from Cassie to spend the day journalling, my heart and my soul leapt because I needed it.

I had my cup of tea and I started. And after 7 pages of non stop writing, I felt lighter already. My desires were on paper in black and white. I was even clearer about my purpose in life and what I desire in my business and I was energised to move forward and change the world. THAT IS THE POWER OF JOURNALLING!

If you have never tried it before, I encourage to take this leap. It will change your life and your business. Things will start to shift and fall into place. Your life will be transformed and you will thank me for it after….lol

And I am not done. As soon as I finish my dinner, I am going back to journal some more because I am overflowing with thoughts and emotions and I know at the end of the night even more fabulous things are going to be revealed.

Let’s start journalling today!

How to sell without selling

Time and time again we see businesses especially on social media post ad after ad about their product or service. They get one or two likes and no responses and worse yet nobody buys their product or service. They get depressed, despondent and throw their hands in the air and say that nobody wants to buy from them.

You want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

They are selling the wrong way!!! That is what it actually boils down to.

How many times have I heard that people want to be taught not sold to. As entrepreneurs we have to understand the buying habits of clients are changing. They are in search of information because they want to make informed choices. Many times cost is not the biggest factor even though it may be a factor. But their trust in you and belief that you can actually solve their dilemma is the reason they will buy from you. If you can get them from Point A to Point B!

You do this by showing up and showing them how you can help. Give them details about your products or services. Show them the lifestyle they can have if they buy from you. Give them valuable information consistently so you will be positioned in their minds as the go to person for that particular product or service whether you have the highest price or the cheapest price.

Create opportunities both online and offline where you can talk about your business and the benefits to your ideal clients so that they know, like and trust you. Start selling the right way and you will not only get new clients but you will get recurring clients wanting to buy from you and referring you to others repeatedly. Your clients will become your own walking billboard because they have that much faith and trust in you.

Look at some of the leading brands that you follow. Examine closely their online and offline presence and many times you will see that they ‘sell’ you on how your life will be better. How your life will be improved by buying their product or service. They show you how their products are used and ensure that you know the benefits of choosing them over a competitor.

How are you selling to your clients? How are you ensuring that you are positioned as the ‘expert’ in your field? Do you need to master the art of selling without selling? Then you know what to do…book a FREE discovery call with me  and let’s get started

4 things you need to make money in your business

Everybody wants to have a successful business and make a ton of money. At least most people do, while helping as many people as possible in the process. Many of us started our business because we felt a burning need to change our lives and provide a service or product that we know was missing from our market. But what they do not teach us in business school are the following 4 things to make money in your business.

1. A Money Mindset

Yes that’s right. It is important that we believe in ourselves and believe that we are worth it. But we also need to believe that we deserve to have the money we want to make. That is a mindset block that so many entrepreneurs struggle with. They want to make money but deep inside they do not feel they deserve to make a ton of money. They feel they are not money worthy and that is a big challenge. Because if you believe that you are worth $5 then that is what you will consistently bring in. If you believe you are worth $5000, then that is what your will bring in.

Removing that money block takes work, because traditionally we have been taught that money is the root of all evil and that we should not worship money. The first step is to shift that perspective. Money is energy. Money is a tool to be used to better your life and those around you. You are in charge of your money, money is not in charge of you!

2. A Money Goal

You also need to be very clear about how much money you want to make and by when. Some people go as fas as to set daily money goals so they can track every cent of their money. Too many times when entrepreneurs are asked how much money do they want to make they say- I want a little bit!. If that is what you want then that is what you will receive.

Be very specific about the amount of money that you need to make and that you want to make, which are two different things! Set a goal for your money.

3. A budget

So you want to make $20K, but do you know exactly what you are going to do with that 20K. Do you have a clear vision of how that money will be allocated in your life. How much goes towards charity and savings and insurance and your yearly vacation and groceries etc. Create a budget in advance of receiving the money so you have a clear plan of how your money will be spent. This allows you to have better control of your money and decreases the likelihood of living in debt!

4. An accountant

If you are thinking about hiring anybody to your team, one of your first hires should be an accountant. Why? Because a great accountant will show you how to save money, how to pay less taxes, how to structure your business so that you let your money work for you! A great accountant understands money and should be able to coach you into getting comfortable with your money.

So there you have it. You are in charge of your money.

Do you have these 4 things in place already? Which one needs work. Tell me in the comments below.

The client connection

As an online business coach, the majority of my interaction with my clients are online. We talk everyday online via whatsapp, private messages, email and in my facebook group. But every once in a while, I choose to get out from behind my computer and go out and meet them in person. Why?

Because it helps me to understand them a bit better. Having that face to face interaction is just as important and in some cases even more so. Every moth I try to host at least 1 programme which allows me to talk to them face to face. Because I love to see how animated they get. The changes in their facial expressions. How hyped they get when talking about the vision for their business. Sitting with them 1 on 1 allows me to feed off of their energy as they are working hard to build their own empires.

Being an introvert by nature means that after 1 day of doing this I am usually zapped out. But the benefits it has given me is that after every session, I get a greater understanding of their challenges and their needs. It allows me to go back to my home office and create something even more dynamic for help them grow sustainable businesses.

As business owners, we all have to remember that our clients are our success. Getting to know and speak to your clients first hand makes a big difference in your business growth. Understanding what makes them tick, what drives and motivates them and what is keeping them back from buying from you are important triggers in your drive to develop your own business.

September and  October I hosted 1 day workshops and at both of these events I was able to meet some of the great entrepreneurs in my group. It was an awesome experience and it opened my eyes to quite a few things like sometimes my clients need to talk to me face to face because they share more when we do. I have learnt that the support they need goes even deeper and I am working to create a new programme that will deal with that extra support. But I also learned something about myself. Something I always knew but it was solidified in my last 2 workshops— that I love what I do. Because I believe and I know that my success comes from their success and I want them all to succeed and I love being able to help them reach that place of success.

We have to pay closer attention to our clients and not just view them as dollars and cents but as maybe the most important key to our success. Without them, who would buy our products and services?

That’s why on December 3rd from 9am to 3pm, I am hosting my December to Remember Bootcamp (Trinidad). Not just to help my clients get from A to B, but to connect, share and understand them better. The bootcamp will focus

  1. Setting Goals
  2. Developing Strategies to Grow
  3. Automating Your business
  4. Creating Packages and
  5. Creating Content

Click here to get a spot- Bootcamp

I know this bootcamp will make a difference in their business as well as my own. I believe that by connecting with them that we all will be stronger for the experience. I know this is the beginning of something extraordinary. And I know that our lives will be changed after this Bootcamp. Are you ready to make this change? Then sign up here

It is time for both you and I to stop playing small and to commit to making a change in our business.