The client connection

As an online business coach, the majority of my interaction with my clients are online. We talk everyday online via whatsapp, private messages, email and in my facebook group. But every once in a while, I choose to get out from behind my computer and go out and meet them in person. Why?

Because it helps me to understand them a bit better. Having that face to face interaction is just as important and in some cases even more so. Every moth I try to host at least 1 programme which allows me to talk to them face to face. Because I love to see how animated they get. The changes in their facial expressions. How hyped they get when talking about the vision for their business. Sitting with them 1 on 1 allows me to feed off of their energy as they are working hard to build their own empires.

Being an introvert by nature means that after 1 day of doing this I am usually zapped out. But the benefits it has given me is that after every session, I get a greater understanding of their challenges and their needs. It allows me to go back to my home office and create something even more dynamic for help them grow sustainable businesses.

As business owners, we all have to remember that our clients are our success. Getting to know and speak to your clients first hand makes a big difference in your business growth. Understanding what makes them tick, what drives and motivates them and what is keeping them back from buying from you are important triggers in your drive to develop your own business.

September and  October I hosted 1 day workshops and at both of these events I was able to meet some of the great entrepreneurs in my group. It was an awesome experience and it opened my eyes to quite a few things like sometimes my clients need to talk to me face to face because they share more when we do. I have learnt that the support they need goes even deeper and I am working to create a new programme that will deal with that extra support. But I also learned something about myself. Something I always knew but it was solidified in my last 2 workshops— that I love what I do. Because I believe and I know that my success comes from their success and I want them all to succeed and I love being able to help them reach that place of success.

We have to pay closer attention to our clients and not just view them as dollars and cents but as maybe the most important key to our success. Without them, who would buy our products and services?

That’s why on December 3rd from 9am to 3pm, I am hosting my December to Remember Bootcamp (Trinidad). Not just to help my clients get from A to B, but to connect, share and understand them better. The bootcamp will focus

  1. Setting Goals
  2. Developing Strategies to Grow
  3. Automating Your business
  4. Creating Packages and
  5. Creating Content

Click here to get a spot- Bootcamp

I know this bootcamp will make a difference in their business as well as my own. I believe that by connecting with them that we all will be stronger for the experience. I know this is the beginning of something extraordinary. And I know that our lives will be changed after this Bootcamp. Are you ready to make this change? Then sign up here

It is time for both you and I to stop playing small and to commit to making a change in our business.



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