Why Journalling has saved my business

I have always been an avid writer. It is very carthatic for me. But when I took on the challenge of journalling every day for my business it revealed some inner truths about my beliefs that I did not want to confront. It made me question where I was and where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. My journal is not full of nice flowery language. What I write to myself is more than a pep talk. It is my commitment to myself to stop playing small and get things done in my life and in my business.


When I tell my clients that they need to journal, many of them feel that they just need to write down a to do list. But the truth is, it is a great way to flush your brain of the crap that we tend to fill it with. It is a great way to cleanse yourself and visualize what you want your life and business to be. On the days that I do feel stuck, I journal. When I feel lost and depressed, I journal. When I am not 100% sure of where to turn, I journal. And while I do not get to do it every single day because discipline is a HUGE issue, I do get to it at least 3 times a week and after every session, something miraculous always happens. Why? Because I have cleared space for it to happen. That is the power of journalling everyday. Imagine if I had more discipline…lol

Today, one of the coaches I follow @CassieHoward declared today journalling day. I had no intention of journalling today. My plan was to dive head first into my work because the last 3 days have been a blur of emotions. I had no intentions of digging deep into my emotions and questioning what I was doing. I had no intentions of sharing my deepest darkest desires on paper or spending a whole hour and a half just writing. That was not on my to do list today. But when I saw the call from Cassie to spend the day journalling, my heart and my soul leapt because I needed it.

I had my cup of tea and I started. And after 7 pages of non stop writing, I felt lighter already. My desires were on paper in black and white. I was even clearer about my purpose in life and what I desire in my business and I was energised to move forward and change the world. THAT IS THE POWER OF JOURNALLING!

If you have never tried it before, I encourage to take this leap. It will change your life and your business. Things will start to shift and fall into place. Your life will be transformed and you will thank me for it after….lol

And I am not done. As soon as I finish my dinner, I am going back to journal some more because I am overflowing with thoughts and emotions and I know at the end of the night even more fabulous things are going to be revealed.

Let’s start journalling today!

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