It is in giving that we receive

How many of us have heard those words before? And of course e do not give only to receive but we also understand that in the broader sense of when we give blessings, blessings come back to you.

When most entrepreneurs start business it is with one key thing in mind- to be independent, create a life and business they love and in many instances create financial independence. And while we may get sucked into the everyday race of building a sustainable business, it is important for us to remember to give back to those who are less fortunate than we are.


Because it is the right thing to do. Because it takes a village to raise a child. Because we are our brothers keeper. The reasons go on and on.

But how many small business persons can truly say they help? And not just focus on the making the next dollar? In 2016, 3 businesses came together with a shared goal of making a bigger impact on their community for 2017.

Marketing Dynamics Business Solutions, a business consultancy firm owned by business coach Adanna Austin; Rewa Style, a fashion design house by Patrice Remy- Aubin and FenceLine Solutions Ltd, a marketing and solutions firm  by Gervon Abraham, decided to work together on New Years morning to deliver a hearty breakfast to the children of Amica House Children’s Homeamica-house


The children were grateful and showed their appreciation for the meal by singing 2 songs to us before and after the meal and the lovely young ladies and babies made us all feel very welcome.

Amica House is home to children aged two to eighteen and is open to receiving donations of books, materials, food supplies and volunteers to upkeep the running of the home and enable each of the children to receive the best of care. It is guided by Sister Jude Marie Aird.

As a business owner, one of the first things I have learnt in business is that we must continually give value and enrich others lives. Not focus on the money but focus instead on how to make this world a better place for each of us to live. Whether it is helping children, adults or animals, a giving heart and spirit goes a long way in leaving a last impression on this earth.

It is in giving that we receive is truly a testament to the way I live as a business coach. The more I have given in my time, expertise, sweat and tears and manpower, the more I have received in kind and have been so grateful for. Because the more I receive, the more I have been able to give even more. It is a cycle.

As we get busy into 2017, I encourage each of you reading this to consider how you can give back to your community or your country. As a business owner, how can you leave a lasting impact on the next person. And if you are interested in helping me out monthly at Amica House Children’s Home, then just give me a shout out in the comments below and I will contact you about the things we need.




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