Your Strategy in Action

I remember when I first started to develop a strategy for my business, I made the mistake of
1. Confusing it with a to do list
2. And thinking once I was always doing something then I had a strategy

I was wrong on both counts. Instead I ended up being burnt out, frustrated and no closer to the goal I had in mind.

I had to learn the hard way that my strategy had to be tied into my overall goal
That my strategy was equal parts of my marketing and my sales and how I moved clients from cold to warm to hot leads
That being busy did not mean my strategy was working
That my strategy had to yield measurable results

Ideally my strategy had to be productive and not active. My productive strategy gained me more visibility and engagement with my audience

My active strategy just had me posting and showing up mindlessly

My productive strategy allowed me to have multiple touch points with my clients and closed deals everyday

My active strategy focused on only 1 touch point where I was literally begging people to buy

I quickly learnt from these errors and developed a strategy that made sense for my business and now years later I work smarter in less hours and am building the business I love and enjoy!

3Remember…..You are not a rabbit!!!

Stop hopping from strategy to strategy and hoping for something to stick. What is your strategy? Stop and think about it and then write it down and see if it makes sense.

Your strategy is not just one thing that you do, like posting on your page. But when you think about your strategy you think about
1. Your end goal
2. Your clients and their needs
3. The problem you are solving
4. How to get your message out consistently
5. How to lead clients from knowing you to liking you to trusting you so they buy from you

Your strategy is the ACTION you are taking to get the things that you want in your business. It is how you move from idea to ACTION and many of you
—- have no strategy at all or are
—- using the wrong strategies or are
—- using strategies that are giving you no results and still you won’t stop using the strategy

How many of you actually have a strategy for your business?

Ideas that you have put into action that get you closer to your goal

Actions that are measurable and specific

A strategy that is productive and not just active

Action that is consistent

A strategy is different for everybody but is necessary for every successful business


How do you know if your strategy is working?

How do you know you have reached your goal?

How do you know when it is time to scale up?

These are the things you need to consider when developing your strategy. It should be measurable and not a wish list of things to do.

How many more followers do you want
How much money do you want to make
How many new clients do you want to land every week
How many consult calls do you want to be on each week
How many clients do you want buying from your shop
How many clients do you want to repurchase your product/service

Your strategy should be measurable so that you know it is actually working. So you can decide how to uplevel your business.

If you are ready to develop a bad ass strategy in 2019, then just simply reach out to me and join me in my private facebook group of over 4000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going.

private fb group- DBS

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