Stop with the Excuses!

Excuses excuses excuses!!

We all have them and we all use them. If I had a 25cent for every excuse I have heard for why your biz is not where it needs to be I swear I would be a trillionaire.

I am not knocking you because I know I have used them at one time and sometimes I still have to stop myself in my tracks when I realise I am making excuses for why I am NOT

Doing my mindset work
Automating my social media
Hiring or delegating
Investing in myself
Selling everyday
Selling multiple things
Following up
Answering the phone or that email
Taking a rest when I am tired
Asking for help
Implementing what I have learnt

I mean the excuses are just so lame that sometimes I am ashamed. Like—-

  1. I am tired….no I actually just want to lie down and binge watch Netflix
  2.  I do not know what to say in the email…no I am scared of getting a no
  3. This is not the right time to do a video…no I am scared that nobody turns up or worse yet nobody engages or buys
  4. I have no help to get all this done…no my to do list is crap and is just filled with a set of stuff that is not important plus I have not asked for help
  5. I just need to read some more and do some more free classes…no I am being lazy and am afraid to implement it and not get the results

Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a minute here and really stop with the excuses because they are lame; nobody wants to hear it and you are doing more harm to your business than good!


You see that pressure you keep putting on yourself….you need to stop it now

Stop frustrating yourself because you feel that everything needs to be done right now
Or you feel that everything needs to be perfect
Or you feel everyone is getting more done than you and making more money than

Don’t let posts from fb and ig make you feel stressed out because you never know if what people post is the truth
And stop comparing your chapter 1 to their chapter 20

****That pressure will paralyze you
****That pressure will make you move slower
****That pressure will make you miss opportunities in front of you
****That pressure will cause anxiety

And you do not need that pressure because you are already great and you already have all the tools to succeed and you are already a billionaire
And you attract the best clients and money flows to you freely and effortlessly every single day
And the Universe is hearing you and will deliver everything you have asked for and more

Believe it and trust it and accept it and then release that pressure that you have put on yourself. Just breathe and enjoy the journey because you deserve it!

If you are ready to take control of your life, ditches the excuses and release the pressure on yourself, then just simply reach out to me and join me in my private facebook group of over 4000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going.

private fb group- DBS

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