Stop saying this immediately!



You see those two phrases I hear every single day. I also admit to saying it when I first started out and it was one of the first things I worked on with my first coach.

You see we know we need help. We keep asking for it but our excuse is always that we cannot afford it. Why? Fear? Procrastination?

When I wanted to work with a coach that cost $10k I had nowhere close to that amount. I worked my butt off to make that first payment and then implemented everything I learnt and more to ensure I was not only able to pay that $10k but also pay myself and my bills. My investment paid off because I committed to do the work and I made no excuses

The excuse of not having enough time I had to fling thru the window. I identified my distractions, decided on exactly what I needed to get done and committed to doing it without getting burnt out and still have time to enjoy life

It starts with a mindset shift and then a decision to get what I want no matter what.

Nobody can do it for you
Nobody will give you a magic formula
Nobody will make it happen overnight

It is your decision and your commitment that will make the difference.

So next time you need help and you want to get something done, don’t say I cannot afford it or I have no time

Instead say, what action do I need to commit to do to get what I want and what distractions do I need to remove so I can concentrate on getting this done

Does this sound like something you struggle with and ready to commit to getting everything you want?

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