It’s a Strategy Workshop

Who needs a strategy? Well you and me and anybody is really serious about having a sustainable business. Gone are the days of having the loudest voice to attract the most people. Or even having the biggest budget….that no longer makes a difference in todays world of technology with all the tools and tricks to help you get visible.

But what has not changed is the need for a strategy. One that intentionally maps out all the steps you need to take to start and grow your business. From mindset to selling is what I like to call it because we all know it starts with a thought and how we make decisions based on what we think, feel and expect.

A strategy is an outline; a flexible tool that can bend and shift according to changes in the environment. Every entrepreneur has a different strategy even if they are selling the exact same product because they may be targeting completely different audience and have completely different goals. For me, a strategy must have a few key elements

1. What is moving around in my knockers

That’s all the noise in my head. How much control do I have of that. In my years of business, I have learnt that what I think and what I focus on is exactly what manifests in my life. So if I want success and money and want to attract the very best people and circumstances, I have to train my brain to flood me with affirmations and speak those into existence. I have to expect that great things will happen and everything is a lesson to be learnt.

Is it easy? Hello no. But it is vital

2. My big Goal

Without a goal, you will be shooting in the mud. Why do you want this thing that you want. What exactly is the end game? How will I know when I have arrived at the end? Is there even an end? What would that look and feel like for me? And what am I willing to do to get exactly what I want. Many entrepreneurs like to gloss over this part of their strategy and that is one of biggest mistakes they can make. Your goal is the neon light at the end of the tunnel

3. My soulmate clients

I am definitely not trying to sell to everybody and neither should you because, who has time for that madness. The sooner you can identify you needs and loves you then the sooner you will start to make some real money and grow your business. Your soul mate clients do not haggle for price. In fact they are already convinced that you are the best thing since slice bread and they love to tell all their people about how great you are.

Who does want a soul mate? Read more about it here in – Who is your ideal client?

4. A compelling message

Without an audience you cannot sell anything. But in order to sell you need to have a solid message. Something that inspires, motivates and educates your audience and encourages engagement because that is what we truly want. Nobody wants to see your fancy flier you took 2 hours to design in Canva….NEXT!!! What people want is to spoken with not down to and you do that with the messages that you share with them. People want to buy from other humans not machines. So stop sounding like one and go out there and share a really great message with your audience everyday. And while you are at it, build some relationships because that is the purpose of your message!


5. The sale

Ah ha! This is the big one for many of you, because you launch your social media pages and just start to sell sell sell! Well let me just say this to you…nothing is wrong with selling. In fact I encourage you to sell everyday in multiple ways across multiple platforms and sell multiple things. The problem is nobody will buy from you if you are selling features and not the benefits and further they will run from you if you have not spent time building a relationship with them.

You see how I did that? All 5 points have to work together for your success to come through. And asking for the sale is EASY once you really have put in the work in advance. You can ask your audience to buy anything from you once you know exactly who they are, you are very clear on your goals and your message is offering them a real solution to their problem. Want to know more about selling, then read it here- How to sell without selling

Still feeling confused? Well have no fear, join me in the STRATEGY WORKSHOP that is open and completely accessible to you once you sign up. I shared 4 powerful videos with you touching on 4 of the points above.

Your strategy is not something you take lightly if you are serious about your business growth. Join us in the STRATEGY WORKSHOP and let’s work together to build a business you love!

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