3 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Business (Social Media)

The number one complaint I get from the entrepreneurs I work with who use social media is that their audience is too small and nobody is responding to what they post. You see this is borne from the misconception of build it and they will come….never works.

To attract the very best people to your business pages, you have to take a few key steps into consideration

Your content has to be mesmerizing! What do I mean by this? It has to be compelling enough that your present audience will engage and then share it with your potential audience. This does not mean just randomly posting images of what you sell or only talking about your business. But it includes a mix of content that will ultimately have your audience glued to your pages!


Video, images, memes, polls, blogs, posters and words only!

  1.  Use video!!! I cannot say this enough if you are using social media. Video just gets more eyes on your page. It is that simple. Because your audience wants to make a connection between what you are offering and who you are. Business is about building relationships and video allows you to do that in the most organic way possible. Your audience can engage with you in real time and you can ‘teach’ your audience and showcase your skills right before their eyes. This builds know, like and trust in a huge way
  2.  Use other people’s content! I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what you should be doing, but hear me out! If somebody in your niche or market has put out a great piece of video, picture or article that is rocking social media and it is being shared by the thousands….it means countless eyes are already on it. Then why not share it from your page? This will draw eyes to your page also and encourage your audience to start having conversations as well

  3.  Ask them questions about themselves. Many social media users tend to focus on just talking about themselves and showcasing their skills. And while you need to be your biggest cheerleader, do not forget, you need to be the cheerleader of your audience as well. PLUS people love talking about themselves and offering advice. So why not ask them to share their thoughts and opinions around their own challenges. This gives you the added benefit of market research.

This list is by no means extensive but it is a great way to start getting more eyes on your business when you do not have a large budget. The key to the success of this approach is consistency though. So be prepared to do it everyday, measure and adjust as your business grows. As your engagement grows and you start to get a better sense of your audience as well, you can start to target your news feed and build custom audiences to push more content and ads towards. But this is a great place to start!

Are you having a challenge creating content that converts? Or even just getting more eyes on your business. Then let’s schedule a consult to see which one of our coaching packages works for your business.

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