9 Tools to make your marketing skyrocket

Your marketing can take up a whole bunch of your time if you are not doing it right and if you are not using the right tools. In my business, I love to use tools because they help me work faster and smarter and it means that I can get my message across a wide audience without having to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours.

This week, I am specifically sharing all the tools I use in my business to drive my marketing

Mail chimp/ Aweber

If you have not set up your email list as yet, then there is no better time to start. An email list is essential to the growth of your business. Most new business owners start with Mail chimp because it is FREE, easy to use and self explanatory. Mail chimp gives you simple step by step instructions to start sending emails and building your list. My only problem with Mailchimp is that my subscribers complained about never seeing my emails.

As my business grew, I moved onto Aweber as my provider because I found their platform more robust and my ability to share more campaigns and get people on board was so much easier. Like Mailchimp, there process is easy to follow but with alot more features to choose from.

Facebook scheduler

Before we would schedule everything with a 3rd party scheduler, but now Facebook has created a scheduler right in the platform. I have found that scheduling directly from the platform makes my content more visible to my audience than if I scheduled it on another platform.

It allows you to choose the date and time and with new features like restricted audience and news feed targeting, it is so much easier to get your message in front a specific audience.


This is the #1 scheduling tool especially when you are now starting out. It allows you to share text, video and images across different platforms on the same day and time. Hootsuite is really a great way to manage your time so you are not stuck on the computer all day posting on the different platforms you use.

Using Hootsuite, I was able to increase my visibility on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter simultaneously.


One of those under rated apps that many people do not know about. I use Tailwind to schedule to both Instagram and Pinterest. In my business, I use it specifically to schedule my blog posts. This allows me to share the same posts over and over for an extended period of time to the right audience.

It allows me to use different quotes and images from my blog to promote the same message to my audience. And because it is pre scheduled, you know that even if you take a break, your audience is still getting a ton of value from you


If you work with a marketing team or if you have clients that you work with, then Asana should be in your arsenal. I use this tool when working with all of my Marketing clients to keep us on track and identify which projects are a priority. Asana allows you to share files, set deadlines and assign tasks to different members of your team or your clients.

It is an easy yet productive way to keep track of everything happening in your business instead of having to scroll through a mountain of emails to confirm correspondence.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Got a website? Then Google Analytics is a must! It helps me track the activity on my website so I know where my visitors are going and what is giving me the ROI. Using this tool has helped me tweak my message, my images and my content so I can attract the very best clients to my website.

Your analytics is a key measuring tool of your growth and progression in business. If you cannot set it up yourself, ask your web developer to ensure that it is part of your website set up and keep your eye on the information weekly.

Unsplash/Nappy/ Create Her Stock

Your marketing is never complete unless you have beautiful pictures to go with it. I know most of the pictures you use may be yours but sometimes you are looking for a picture to make your social media or website come to life.

My go to sites are

  1. Unsplash
  2. Nappy.co
  3. Create Her Stock

There are a bunch of other sites you can use but I love these sites because there images are clean and diverse. Especially for an island girl like me who is always on the search of images that represent me. These sites have never failed me yet.


I was first introduced to this tool last year by another coach and I fell in love. Zapier allows you to cross share information and not just from your social media. But from your emails and your blogs and from any videos that you share.

You can make connections with almost any other app that you have so you do not have to run between apps/platforms to share content. It automatically shares content once you make the connection



This is a tool I recently started to use and absolutely love. Especially because I love to use video in my marketing and I love to teach my audience. It allows me to pre record videos by sharing either my screen or my face or both simultaneously. I can then repurpose those videos and keep building my visibility.

What I like about Loom is that it has various functionalities. It is a quick easy way to make quality videos if you are pressed for time.

My list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good place to start especially if you are new to business. Marketing your business can be time consuming if you do not have a solid plan in place, but it can also be fun once you have the right tools.

Still stuck on how to create a Marketing Strategy that makes complete sense for your business, then join me in the Marketing Mix programme that starts on September 2nd. Let’s get on a CALL this week and begin putting things in place for you.

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