5 books that changed my outlook on Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a journey! It is never just about starting a business and hoping for the best, but requires constant learning and understanding about your niche and business in general. Over my almost 15 years in business, the one constant thing that I never falter from is reading books. Not just books on coaching but books on my mindset and life, which keep me inspired and also encourage me to take action. Most entrepreneurs do not take the time to read, but this is one task that I think every existing entrepreneur should make time for weekly if they want to experience true success.

Here are 5 books that changed my outlook on Entrepreneurship:

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich (Think and Grow Rich Series) by [Hill, Napoleon, Arthur Pell]

This is the bible of business books and one that I go back to at least once per year. The fundamental lessons in Think and Grow Rich are what prompted me to really pay close attention to my mindset and they way I operate in the business space. What I enjoyed was that it was not hocus pocus ideas but real practical examples and learnings that can still be applied to this day.

It is one of those books that 50 years from now, will still be a classic. Any entrepreneur should get their hands on it and not just read, but take notes and intentionally apply what is being taught.

Unf**k Yourself, Get out of your head and into your life by Gary John Bishop and HarperAudio

This is the latest book that I read which I borrowed from a great friend of mine. The title is what really caught my attention, but as I dove into the book, I could not put it down! It was that interesting. Mindset work is often not spoken about and if it is, many people brush it aside and believe once they just start a business the money will start to flow.

This is far from the truth. I loved this book because it really dived into how we self sabotage our own success by staying in our head and creating scenarios and excuses that hold us back from true greatness. It forces you to look at yourself and take full responsibility for your actions. The books challenges you to make changes and create the life that you want without excuses. 

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers

Of course, I also read a ton of books in my niche of Marketing and Seth Godin is usually my go to guru for this topic. Permission Marketing is a big idea book! Meaning, it challenges the old way of doing things and expecting different results. It speaks directly to Marketers and Advertisers like myself to think outside the box and disrupt the status quo of what we are accustomed to doing.

Seth Godin should be no stranger to any entrepreneur who is serious about growing and learning everything there is to know about business. The cover says- Turning strangers into friends and friends into customers. Essentially building relationships and that know, like trust factor that we always hear about.  Even though this was written in 1999, the stories and ideas still hold true today in our overstimulated digital age.

Design the Life you Love by Ayse Birsel

This book actually pleasantly surprised me. It is more of a workbook than a reading book, because there are challenges to complete and questions to be answered. And I guess that is what made me stick it out and complete it. It forces you to get into action as it introduces concept after concept on designing your life, which according to the book is your most important project. 

I also loved it because Seth Godin gave it a great review and You know I love everything Seth! This book is really a template that allows you to draw, think, colour and design your specific life. There are no right or wrong answers, there are only your answers. This is not usually the type of book that I would buy but thanks again to a trusted friend who loaned me the book (and I still have not returned!), I was able to take my time and go thru each stage of my life design

How to Win Friends & Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age

Like Think and Grow Rich, this is one of those books that I revisit every year because the lessons never go out of style. The essence of the book really for me centres around how we communicate in the digital age. It focuses on how we use our main message to influence people and get people to like you.

I really enjoy this book, because of the Aha moments throughout. They are things that we all know but broken down in a conversational way that makes complete sense and has you wondering- Why wasn’t I doing this before? It also focuses on our leadership skills and optimizing the digital tools available for us in business.

These 5 books are by no means the only books that I have read. But they stand out for me for so many reasons and I always refer back to them when I need inspiration in my own business. Continued education and learning is part of any entrepreneurial journey because it has proven that those who succeed spend time reading and learning from the best in their fields. These 5 books are a road map for me and countless others to business success.

What other books have inspired you?

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