The Groups I Follow On Facebook

Admittedly I do not spend alot of time on social media on a good day because it can be quite a distraction if I want to get some serious work done. But when I am ready to dive in, there are only a few places I absolutely must check on a daily basis. These are my go to facebook groups.

Because I am a stickler of not wasting time, I declutter my feed every month and remove people and pages and groups that do not add value to my growth. So if anyone was to look at my feed, they would usually see 80% business related posts, 10% food and 10% is dedicated to my family.

Here are my top 7 groups that give me inspiration everyday

1. Dynamic Business Strategist

Of course I must start with my very own group because this is where my ideal clients are and where I share the most value everyday. DBS as it is fondly called is made up of over 4000 entrepreneurs from all over the world but mainly based in Trinidad and Tobago. On any given day, we share tips, tools and resources. Person ask questions ranging from where to find a product, to which is the best bank, to how to deal with clients in different situations.

DBS has served as a great source of inspiration and joy for me since I started in 2016 and the people, vibe and energy of the group has evolved over time. On average 10 people request to join the group per day and at least and according to my group stats we have 3,362 active group members which is great as the group is just over 4000 strong!

2. Grow your Audience: Facebook Pages and Group

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I am totally obsessed with this group because since finding it, I will admit that my strategies have shifted tremendously. The admins are very receptive and because they are on the ball of everything Facebook related I do not have to go searching far and wide to learn about all the new tools and features. Everything is shared in this one place.

Plus people love to share their wins and their strategies in this group. It is just the way they roll and I love them for it. Because of them, I feel energised everyday when I see others winning and really celebrating each other. This group has taught me so many strategies about growing my own group and my social media organically at a time when everyone was shouting that Facebook is dead! Oh boy have they proven that so wrong.

3. The Six Figure Army- Mission: Success

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What really gets me inspired by this group is how much people help. Everyday someone asks a question about business growth. How to grow their IG. How to grow their following. How to set up their website. How to start their branding. And somebody always answers and has a positive remark to share. It has really taught me the value of having a tribe around.

The other good thing for me is that I follow the admin religiously on IG and her brand messages are consistent on both platforms which has really built trust. She shares all her tools and resources and answers questions throughout the week to help others grow even while she is still selling everyday. 

4. The Coaching Jungle

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This group is primarily targeted towards other coaches and its admin Marc is a master at breaking down complex thoughts into bite size examples. He shares many long form content posts that are usually packed with a ton of value. Plus he regularly has guests featured in the group who shares even more tips and tools for us coaches to grow our business.

Marc is not afraid to share and his brand of storytelling captures his audience’s attention. He has a podcast and a newsletter attached to this group which adds even more value. 

5. Brand, Build + Launch with Arsha Jones

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The Army as I like to call them is always in motion. I feel sometimes like someone is always sharing something useful in this group. The conversations are thought provoking and inspirational. What I like about this group is that there are a ton of collabs going on. People are never hard selling but offering advice and value and then teaming up to make their businesses even stronger.

It is like a true sisterhood online. The members openly share their ups and downs and others are always willing to lend a helping hand. 

6. Coaching Christians to Coins

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I recently joined this group because I felt I needed to surround myself with more people who felt comfortable talking about money everyday. Not boasting about money, but getting comfortable with money and expecting to be paid and getting out of debt. Although the group is small (less than 500!) I love the intimacy of it. And the owner Felicia shows up!!! I swear she is always in my face with a lesson…. lol. And I love it because I need these reminders. I know and have implemented alot of what she shares but it is always good to have someone who keeps reminding you of what you should be doing.

What really strikes me about this group is how authentic admin is. She shares alot of behind the scenes and even her own struggles with mindset and money management. Something I think we call can relate to. 

7. Fearless Entrepreneurs: Launch Your First 6 Figure Idea With Sales Funnels

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The most recent group I joined hosted by my dear friend Samantha Gooden. Needless to say the reason I love this intimate group is because you get alot of hands on support from Samantha. Her energy and vibrancy literally jumps through the screen with every post and every video.

I like that the group is made up of a mix of entrepreneurs from around the world and that everyone seems to have a clear vision and intention for their business. Samantha also adds many layers of support and accountability throughout the day so that no one feels left out.

Finding these groups did not happen by chance. At the time of finding each one, I was searching for specific types of support or information and they kept popping up in conversations. There have been many times that I joined a group and lurked around for about a month or two and then left if the messages did not resonate with me.

But the main purpose of me joining each of these groups was to learn, to engage and build relationships and improve my mindset and my strategies. I no longer am just a lurker in groups. I actively answer questions and share feedback so that members get to know me and learn from me as much as I am learning from them. Being part of a group is a valuable resource for growing your own business. 

What groups are you in?

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One thought on “The Groups I Follow On Facebook

  1. I’m grateful for this. I’ve found three that you mentioned which might suit me. I really want to try to use Facebook more as a self-development tool rather than alow myself to fall down a rabbit hole of memes. Thank you.


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