From $150 to $15000 a month in sales

Most people when you ask them what they want for their business would say is that they want to get more sales. How much more sales is a different conversation. But the overarching conversation is usually about getting more sales through more clients. Immediately they want to jump into sales and marketing strategies and how to run ads etc. And while all of these will come into play, let me tell you how I moved from $150 to $15000 a month in sales.

Like most entrepreneurs I too wanted to make more money. And I spent alot of time searching through youtube soaking in every new training material that was out there. But still I struggled to reach my $15000 goal. It felt elusive. I felt frustrated and I was burnt out. Something was missing and I had no idea what it was. Then I hired a coach and she broke it down for me and almost fell off my chair because it was so easy and the answer was in front of me all along.

I did not have a clear GOAL!

So before you shake your head, let me explain. I knew who I wanted to buy from me. And I even knew what I wanted to sell. But I had no clear goal of how to sell it, how much I wanted to make and by when I wanted to make it. I had this big figure in my head and I was just hoping to reach it one day. Instead she challenged me to do a few things that were very specific to my business.

Write out a 90 day plan!

Why 90 days? Because it was both short and long. 90 days is 3 months which is 12 weeks. I can envision 90 days. I can easily mark it on a calendar. I knew what I would be doing 3 months from now in my life, so why didn’t I know about this in my business. When I did this, it was soooo much easier for me to jump from $150 to $15000 a month in sales. Let me walk you through the process

  1. I wrote out in very specific terms, what I wanted to happen in my business in 90 days. I wrote it down in bullet points almost like a to do list
  2. I took each bullet point and broke that down into 2-3 action steps. Meaning what did I have to do to get it done. Eg. If my goal was to update my website, 
         my next step would be to write new copy, 
                           then send it to my web developer, 
                                then book a photographer, 
                                    then have my photo shoot, 
                                       then choose my pictures, 
                                           then send to my web developer, 
                                                then vet/test the new look and feel, 
                                                   then launch
  3. I would take each of these steps and put a specific date for it to be completed. Never did I try to do all of them at the same time, because remember my to do list was not just update my website. That was just 1 of the things I had to do in 90 days!
  4. I further chose a time of the day when I would get each of the items done.

For some this may feel very anal, but what it did for me was

A. Bring clarity to the intentional action I was taking in my business
B. Helped me not be overwhelmed with a long list of things to do and
focus on 1-3 things daily
C. Allowed me to do more than 1 thing in my business everyday
D. Gave me the opportunity to measure my progress
E. Help me to focus on my audience, my message and selling daily
(Yes this was a big goal over my 90 days)
F. Helped me grow my business at a comfortable pace using the tools
and resources that were available to me.

I love setting 90 day goals for my business and is one of the techniques I train my clients in optimizing when they work with me. We get very specific about how their goals translate into their success and then even more specific about the intentional action to be taken with fixed deadlines to adhere to. 

You may be wondering how that got me from $150 to $15000 right? Well because I set a 90 day goal to make $45000, I knew I had to make $15000 per month. In order to do that I had to break down exactly what I was selling each month, each week and each day (because you should be selling each day). It made me get very specific about my daily messages and where and how I had to show up each day and therefore allowed me to be laser focused on making $15000 per month or $500 per day knowing that my average product was $700. So in reality, if I made even 1 sale per day, I would reach my goal and that took away alot of stress and anxiety around setting and reaching my goal. 

So let me help you move from $150 to $15000 a month in the 90 day biz success programme that starts on October 4th.

The 90 day biz success programme is a guide to ensure you close off the year in success.
We look at your goals for the rest of the year (90 days)
We break it down into smaller actionable steps (remove the overwhelm)
We create a schedule that keeps you on track
I keep you accountable daily for all the things you said needed to get done
I provide you with additional support to increase your visibility and sales
I hook you up with resources and tools to get the heavy lifting done (help registering, branding, printing, accounting and web developer services)
And we knock off task by task and set a new set of 90 day goals at the end of the session

Book your free consult to see if this is right for you

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