How to get more clients to use your services/products

So you have started your business and you expect that clients will be knocking at your door begging for your product or service…but sadly it doesn’t happen. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you get more clients:

  1. Get Social

Meaning, use social media to your advantage. Set up a Facebook page, a linkedin profile and a website. And if you are into retail an Instagram and pinterest page will work wonders. Post often and post great content. This will build trust and will encourage people to come back for more.


  1. Get Out and Socialize

After you have set up your social space, it is time for you to socialize. Go to networking events, go to different functions. Browse the local newspapers to see what’s going on around the country and get moving. Remember to walk with your business card!

  1. Talk about your business

Every chance you get, try to talk about your business. Not just about what you do, but listen to people and then share with them how you can help them. Remember, it’s about the client! Try to talk to at least 3 new people every day about your business and how it can help them or provide them with a service.

  1. Know what your business is about

Simply meaning, on social media and when you socialize, you should be able to sum up your business in 1 to 2 sentences. Anything longer than that and you are babbling and your potential client has lost interest. My business can help you with ___________________________________.  Know what your business is about and practice saying it so that you know when an opportunity presents itself.

  1. Follow up

One way to lose a potential client is not to follow up. Either via email or telephone call. When you network or attend any social event, sure you are sharing your business card but chances are you also collected some cards and these persons may have been interested in your service. Drop them an email or telephone call extending the invitation to talk more about how you can help each other. Follow up and then follow through.


  1. Ask for referrals

Ask for referrals from family, from friends, from acquaintances. Ask people you know to refer your services and when you snag that new client ask them to refer you to at least 5 new people who they think can benefit from your services. Ask you just may receive.

Still have questions about how to get more clients to your business? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or drop me an email at

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