My strange addiction

I never realized how much I was addicted to my wifi until the day I was busy trying to put together the email sequence for my first webinar and when it was time for me to test the software…poof. Nada. Zilch.

Restart modem and still nothing. Call the company and still nothing and of course panic started to set in. How would I get this done? My night was ruined and I felt stuck and unmotivated. So I had myself a 20 minute pity party ( as we all do) and then I started to make a note of all the other things I had to get done for my business.

I had a lot of content to put together, for my blog, my website, my emails, my challenges, my programmes etc. I also had to plan my calendar for next month and set my monthly goal. I had to update my client files and my invoices and I had to get my paper work together to complete my taxes.


After writing out my list, I stepped backed and realized that we think we need one thing so desperately to get all our work done but the truth is that we have so much other things that we can be getting done that will not require it.

Yes having the wifi was important but it should not and did not stop me from getting work done. For the next 2 hours I pounded away on my laptop working on all my content. At the end of the night I felt fulfilled and accomplished knowing that I did not let that my strange addiction keep me back from pushing through and staying focused on growing my business.

Do not let the little things side track you from your bigger goal. Your strategy may change but your goal remains the same…which is to grow your business!

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