I am giving away everything for free!

The easiest way to get new clients is to give away a lot of free stuff. There I said it. I know you must be cursing me at the back of your head and saying….is she mad? There is no way I can give away a lot of free stuff in my business. I will go broke!!!


But the fact is that if you start by giving people what they want for free, eventually they will buy it. So let me explain before you get all riled up. If you have a brick and mortar store selling clothes for example, by no means am I suggesting you give your clothes away for free, but give your knowledge away. When a client enters your store and you start to interact, share with them the best colours for their skin tone, the best cuts for their body types, what the latest styles and fashion is and show them why certain outfits compliment them. Give away your knowledge for free!

Similarly if you are on social media, share your knowledge. Give advice, show examples, tell your followers about the latest trends in fashion. Discuss body types and colour schemes. Give it away for free so that by the time you ask for the sale there is no way they will say no because they would already know you as the expert in your field.


You have to give to get. You have to build relationships, like and trust. You have to prove to your ideal clients that you know your ish or else they won’t buy from you consistently. You have to show up and give them something to talk about everyday.

So what can you give away for free today? What are you an expert in that you can share?
What information do your clients need and want?

Want to work and speak with me directly? We can brainstorm together about your business’ success.

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