5 steps to stay focused during the pandemic

So many of us have to adjust to this new normal way of living our lives because of this global pandemic. Over the last 2 weeks, I have been having some deep conversations with my clients about how and why they should be pivoting their business in this crucial time and how to stay focused. We have discussed the pros and cons and all the in between. It is very easy to fall into a funk as I discussed in my previous blog- HOW TO GET OUT OF MY FUNK

As most of us have shifted to a work from home model, staying focused has been one of the greatest challenges for many who are not accustomed to the confines of home as they grow their business. Here are 5 easy steps to stay focused during the pandemic:

Get up and Get dressed!
  1. Get up and get dressed

I know this may seem silly to many and the urge to stay in your pajamas are strong. But the simple act of getting dressed and showing up to your audience prepared physically will do alot for your focus and momentum.

Operate in a state of preparedness to engage and interact with your audience.

Affirmations and Journaling

2. Continue Affirmations and Journaling

One of the things we are not talking about is our mental health during this period of transition. Yes working is important but making sure you are mentally prepared to deal with the adjustments are very important as well.

Increase or continue your daily affirmations and journaling to keep you focused on WHY you started this business and HOW you want it to continue to grow

3. Stay connected and follow up

Your clients need to be reassured by you. Those who have been working with you or for you need to know that you are still there. Staying connected with them is also great for your own mindset but it also ensures that your relationships continue to grow.

Whether via Whatsapp, Messenger, Email, Group or whatever means you usually connect with your audience, stay connected daily

4. Continue sharing value

This is HUGE at this time. Do not ghost your audience. We do not know how long this will go on for and we have little control over many things. But we do have control over how often we can share value. Don’t let all the months of hard work go to waste.

In fact, this is a great time to increase your visibility and brand awareness. Show your audience why you are the expert in your niche. Share tips and tools and case studies and start conversations with them. Show them that you are here with them on this journey and you can still be counted on through thick and thin.

Get projects completed

5. Get projects completed

There are many projects you have been putting off because of time. Like completing your website; creating your email opt-in; writing your blog; starting your podcast; completing your ebook; completing the course and even create a vision board. The list can go on and on. Now is the perfect time for you to make a list of uncompleted tasks and get them done so that you stay focused and working ON you business.

Your business needs you to be focused now more than ever.

Still have questions about how to get more clients to your business? Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section or drop me an email at info@mkgdynamics.com

Want to work and speak with me directly? We can brainstorm together about your business’ success.

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