Stop saying these 5 things if you want success

When I first decided to delve into coaching I knew that I also needed a coach for guidance. I naively thought that the first things he would teach me was about strategies and running my business successfully. But instead, we spent about 2 weeks talking about what I said and what I believed about myself to be true.

I didn’t realise alomst 5 years ago how much of what I said affected the outcome of my life. I thought I was positive thinking but it turned out I was sabotaging myself everyday because of habits I had picked up along the way. I learnt quite quickly that I had to stop saying these 5 things And when I did, I saw an immediate change in my business and my life in general:

1. I just want to make a little money
2. I just trying to survive
3. Things are hard
4. People don’t want to buy
5. The economy real bad

I know these things may seem trivial because they roll off our tongues so easily as the go to answer. But your success begins with your mindset and how you speak about your business and circumstances. If these are the usual words you speak then these situations will continue to manifest. What you believe is what will continue to manifest in front of you.

It was more than just saying them but I also had to change my belief system around the things I was saying. We are conditioned as children to believe certain things about life and that guides how we interpret the world and what we expect of ourselves and of others. I realised, that this shift in mindset and belief was even more important than any strategy I could learn. And from then to now, this has always been my jumping off point.

What do I believe and what do I say about myself? About my business? About the people around me? About my earn potential? About my family and friends? About my health? About my future? I encourage you to take a minute and really be conscious of these internal and sometimes external conversations we are having daily.

Let’s begin this month by changing our mindset, our language and our beliefs and then let’s get into action to get exactly what we want for ourselves.

Still feeling stuck? Then book a FREE 30 minute session with me and let’s map out a way forward!

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