Most great business persons have had a coach/mentor


You know the old saying- It takes a village to raise a child…well the same can be said for raising a business. No business person can stand alone. Most of who have come up with great business ideas soon realize that we need help/support and advice from other like-minded persons. Sometimes without this support a business can dwindle away before it even begins. And more importantly, if you ask most successful business persons today, they will tell you that had a coach or mentor. Whether officially or unofficially, a coach/mentor helps to motivate you and keep you on the path to success.

Do you ever wonder why athletes have coaches? Well it’s the same concept. A coach can see things you may not see while you are on the field. A coach can praise you from the sidelines and let you know when you are making mis-steps and need to revise your strategy. In fact, a coach can help you strategize your next move and then hold your hand as you transition.

Coaches come in all different shapes and forms. When considering choosing a mentor/coach, it does not need to be somebody in the same line of business, but at least someone with business experience. A coach with experience can help you avoid some of the pitfalls you will likely experience as an entrepreneur. He will keep you focused on the bigger plans and share some of his own experiences on his journey to success. He will get you out of the rut that you are in and motivate you to keep pushing even when you cannot see the road clearly ahead.

Any business person worth his salt understands the importance of coaching and how it can shape his future.

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