3 Reasons You Need a Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? Let’s start there…because so many entrepreneurs have heard the words but have no real sense of what it truly is. A sales funnel is the method by which you attract, engage and convert your fans so that you get continuous sales in your business. It is basically the journey that you carry your audience on as they get to know, like and trust you.

Every business needs a sales funnel. And every sales funnel does not have to be complicated. In fact the easier your funnel is to enter and access, the easier it is for your audience to engage with you and then buy from you.

Let’s break it down a bit. Every sales funnel has steps

At each stage of the funnel, you have a decision to make

  1. What value am I sharing with my audience
  2. What am I offering them to buy from me
  3. And how do I keep them engaged and moving along in my funnel

There are 3 main reasons you need a funnel in your business.

  1. To attract your ideal clients. Because you are not trying to sell to everybody but to a specific niche of people who need exactly what you are offering.
  2. To get continuous daily sales. Because your audience expects you to offer them something after you have attracted them. Your funnel allows you to not just get to know them but also offer them specific solutions to the different challenges they may be having
  3. To upsell to your audience. Because if they have bought from you once and loved how you solved their problem then you have the opportunity to offer them more. Upsell and keep upselling!

Your sales funnel does not have to be complicated and it does not have to have too many moving parts, but it must be clear, specific, intentional and actionable.

Every sales funnel will be different and you can have multiple funnels running simultaneously……In fact, this should be your goal to create a sustainable business.

Your sales funnel must have a specific goal and intention behind it because without a clear goal, you can be overwhelmed, over worked and frustrated. Did you read my blog on – From $150 to $15000 a month in sales where I shared how goal setting helped me grow my business to where it is today.

Creating a sales funnel is one of the action steps I teach each of my clients. If this is something you are struggling with them schedule a call with me and let’s discuss it.

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