What is your strategy?

What’s your strategy?
I ask this question of all my clients because I want to garner if they really have a goal and understand their audience.
There are 2 things I share with my clients when we are developing their marketing strategies for their business.
  1. You have to have a success mindset. You can implement all the strategies in the world but if your mindset is led by fear and doubt, your strategy will feel weak to the audience you are trying to communicate with. Your lack of a success mindset keeps you exactly where you are.
Honing the right mindset I know also does not happen overnight but it is not impossible. By using affirmations, journalling, having a business bestie and sheer determination, you can start to adjust your mindset to always expect to be a winner and make the income that you truly want

2. It is not about the likes. This is a huge one. Yes having a great tribe of people to sell to sounds ideal right? But what is the point of having 3000 followers and making 2 sales per week? You want to attract persons who are ready to buy from you today and everyday. This comes down to your content and your products/services but it also means understanding that everyone is not your audience and having quality clients is better than having a large quantity of non buyers.

This is precisely why Bots do not work. The like for like system is non productive for the overall growth of your business. Instead spend time knowing your audience and then keep offering them something irresistible!
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6 key lessons I teach my clients

As a business coach and consultant, you can imagine that I am bombarded by emails, private messages and phone calls everyday asking about the ins and outs of business. And while no 2 businesses are alike or even have the same goals or strategies, there are a few keys discussions I have with every client that engages my services. Because it is important that they understand that with a fundamental understanding of these topics, they may very well struggle to attract clients and grow their business. Each one of the elements need to be taken into consideration to grow your business. So let me share with you what we usually discuss in our sessions:

  1. Mindset

If your mind is in a mess then you are not going to succeed. Have I made myself clear? I know this is hard for many people to grapple because they just want to jump into strategy and marketing and all the nice things to make money.

But if you want to make money you have to start fixing your mindset. What you think about yourself, your business and your environment. Not just being positive…even though that helps, but believing that you are a powerful force to be reckoned with and that nothing can stop you from achieving success in this life.

You have to believe it, say it, walk in it, sing it out loud, write it out, preach it, sit down in it, stand in it and make it your daily reality!

You cannot have a busted tyre when you are driving a Mercedez Benz. Nope! You have to make sure your tyres always have air and are road worthy. Make yourself success worthy every single day


2. Branding

How many times have you heard that your brand is YOU! And yes I hear all the complaints about not wanting to be the face and blah blah blah but whether you are the face of the brand or not your brand is a reflection of your personality.

Each brand has a unique personality which resonates with the audience they are trying to attract. Think about your own personality traits and see if they tie into your brand

  • Are you warm and soft
  • Are you louder and outspoken
  • Are your colourful or more subdued
  • Do you like adventure or like the indoors

How does your own personality tie into your brand and what you present to your clients? Check out this blog I did recently really explaining how to build your brand- Are you your brand?


3. Marketing

Marketing is a combination of activities that you do together in order to attract the clients that you want. It is not one task that is done in isolation but a combination which work together to get you the results that you want.

When somebody says they struggle with marketing more than likely they are posting on 2 social media platforms and that is all. That is a big no no. Think about all the marketing tools available at your disposal like

  1. Video
  2. Email
  3. Blogging/articles
  4. Posters/Fliers
  5. Interviews
  6. Networking events

Combining a few of these things together will ensure that you build know-like and trust and you are seen and heard by your audience and so close the sale!

I even spoke about this topic at length in a blog last year called M is for Marketing



4. Sales Strategies

Selling is simply having a conversation with your clients about their challenge and how you can solve their challenge. But there may be a few reasons that you are not selling enough or even at all….

  1. If you do not love what you are selling. And I mean if you are not obsessed and totally feel aligned to it then it shows in your sales process
  2. If you are not asking for the sale often. If you only ask people to buy from you on a Monday but not any other day then your sales will dwindle and I mean literally tell them come buy from me after you give them a heap load of value.
  3. If your prices are not in alignment with your audience. Prices are not pulled from the top of your head…no. Prices are derived based on many factors one of which includes how much the market can manage. Do your research and price accordingly but DO NOT UNDERPRICE AND HOPE TO GET SALES!!!!
  4. You are selling to the wrong people. If you are trying to sell bananas to people who love apples then you are wasting precious time and resources. Sell to those who love what you are offering and they will buy from you over and over and over again and then refer you to another banana lover.

The truth is that in order for you to make consistent sales you have to stay connected no matter what, I explained exactly how in Stay Connected to get more sales



5. Online Strategies

What online platforms are you on? Do you know that even though facebook may be the most popular it is not the only platform that you should be connecting with your audience. This is a common mistake. Build a facebook page and they will come……ammmm nope!

In fact, for you to really see your business grow you need to have an online strategy for your business and not just wing it. Your strategy will include

  1. A consistent look and feel. Are you using different colours and font and there is no cohesion to your look? Then you are confusing your audience
  2. Is your message on point? Are you speaking directly to your audience about the things that they want to hear about or are you jumping from a motivation piece to pictures of a cat, to a happy birthday announcement? What is the ultimate message that you want to share? Share that consistently
  3. Are you consistent or only showing up on Thursday night at 8pm. No you do not need to show up every hour on the hour to be a force online but you need to show up consistently enough that your audience gets to see and learn from you and ultimately buy from you.
  4. Finally, it is not about you, it is about them! Hard pill to swallow yes but it means be social and engage with your audience and talk to them often. Show them how much you care and love them and they will reward you by buying from you.

What strategy are you using for your online presence?


group photo

6. Team work/ Building a team

 I am a big believer in team work. I know I would not have come this far if I did not have a team. Not even a huge team but a team of dedicated people who keep me accountable, who share tools and resources and help keep me on the right track. Everybody deserves to have a team because we do not need to build our business alone.

Those days are over! Because there is enough in the Universe for all of us to be millionaires and to be powerful if we would just put down our barriers and believe in others as well. Not everybody is trying to steal your dream…in fact nobody can do that. But there is abundance in this universe and as a team we can definitely all succeed.

There you have it folks. 6 key lessons I teach my clients. Does it make sense? And if you want to know how my clients tend to access me 24 hours a day for even more business advice then join me in my private facebook group of over 3000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going

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Your success is staring you in the face

One of the ways entrepreneurs frustrate themselves is by doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. We post on social media at least 5 times a day, we have weekly and monthly specials, we are printing fliers and handing them out to everyone and then we sit and complain to anyone who would listen how we have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. Or that noone wants to buy from them. And then a new month starts and they do the exact same thing!!

As an entrepreneur part of your success comes with analysing and researching your market effectively. If something is not working, step back and figure out why. Ask your customers why they did not buy (most will say they had no money); ask them what could make the deal sweeter, what can be added and what can be taken away (do not offer a discount on a discount please people!!!) And when you have done all of that step even further back and have a good look at the businesses and people around you.

Whether you provide a physical product or a service, whether you have a brick and mortar store or you work from home, you are surrounded by people and businesses who may be ripe and ready to buy from you. Start at home.

Make a list of the businesses, schools, community centres, associations, government buildings or organisations in a 3 mile radius of you. Do you have many of taxi drivers passing on your street? Do school children pass in front of your house everyday? Do the teachers in the school have somewhere they go to buy lunch? How often does your community centre hold functions? Do people like to vacation in your part of the world? What are your nieces, nephews and neighbours wearing? Are there alot of elderly in your community? Does your alma mater or local association need speakers? How are you interacting with your community? Are you sponsoring events and volunteering?

Take a real step back and figure out how you can serve the people who are directly in your area. Many times the answers are staring us directly in our face and we skip over them believing we have to stretch far and wide to get that sale, especially when we are now starting up in business.  Pay closer attention to what is directly in front of you and you will be amazed about the amount of business you can garner right in your own backyard.

Your success is waiting for you to grab hold of it. So what are you waiting for?

I challenge you to reach out to the people, businesses, associations etc that are close to you and focus on how much business you can drum up just based on building those relationships first. Get more involved in your community and let’s make your business grow!