Facebook is dead! Now what?

Facebook changes its algorithms often and that is one of the main reasons, people have been saying it is dead. Sometimes it seems difficult to keep up with all the changes floating around. But it is definitely not dead! If you are using Facebook as one of your main social media platforms to stay connected to your audience, then consider these 5 things.

Are You Looking For Your Ideal Clients?

When thinking about your marketing, most entrepreneurs only focus on the tools and platforms. They want to jump right into building a website and starting a Facebook page. And they dive into it. Start to schedule ads to everybody. Add all their family and friends to their page. Invite their neighbours and their cousins to …

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How To Turn Your DREAM Business Into a REAL Business!

I had a dream...    a beautiful dream. All our business ideas start off with a dream and then we make a choice Keep the dream to ourselves Talk about the dream but still do nothing Get into action to make that dream a reality We all start from exactly the same position but those …

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Let’s Get You More Sales!

Who doesn't want more sales? To wake up to emails or text messages saying that money was deposited into your account over night. Or a barrage of emails or messages with orders from enthusiastic customers? Where money is just flowing in effortlessly so you can pay yourself and reinvest in your business...and this is an …

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