Work 4 hours a day and grow a successful business!

Most of my clients usually ask me how I am able to show up consistently on social media, handle all my daily client calls and do the marketing and public relations that I do for my bigger clients. The truth is I learned via trial and error. By making huge mistakes. By wasting a ton of time. By bawling my eyes out and finally by taking the time to figure out what works and does not work for me.

7 things you need to know to be successful

There are many things you are not taught in school if you study business. In my last 4 years of being a coach, I always feel there are some harsh realities of business we do not want to face. But I believe, in understanding these 7 things, we can truly develop a mindset to expect success and all grow to be millionaires!

Staying motivated is not as hard as you think

I know you must have read that headline and shake your head in disbelief. How dare I say that when so many entrepreneurs are struggling everyday to remain focused when they are faced with obstacle after obstacle getting in the way of their success right? But hear me out..... I am not saying that there …

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Why Journalling has saved my business

I have always been an avid writer. It is very carthatic for me. But when I took on the challenge of journalling every day for my business it revealed some inner truths about my beliefs that I did not want to confront. It made me question where I was and where I wanted to be …

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