Anxiety Ambush

My anxiety would rock my whole world..I would not be able to function in work or at home. I became increasingly anti social. I had trouble breathing daily and my body was in constant pain.

I suffered a mix of anxiety with panic attacks and depression. It was a painful period in my life and something I have struggled with to this day.

Am I cured? Far from it

But over the last 2 years, I have tried and learnt about various techniques which have helped me to
1. Recognise my symptoms
2. Tackle it before it gets out of hand

Was it easy? Hell no

But I also knew that if I wanted to run a successful business, be of good use to my family and friends and make an impact in this world I had to get this under control and not have it take control of me

Most entrepreneurs I know have suffered or are suffering with some degree of anxiety as they grow their business. It is scary to say that it is common but it is true and truthfully sometimes that takes up a big part of our coaching sessions.

Trust me I know what anxiety is about and the havoc it can wreak on your mind, body and business. I have been there and am still there to an extent.

stefano-pollio-365695-unsplashI am no expert on anxiety but I have learnt a few ways to take control of it so it does not control my day and I still get things done.

It seems to be part of our business journey and life and is definitely not something we should sweep under the rug. So this is our opportunity to talk about it and get to the root of it.

Let me outline for you some of the daily routines I have adopted which has allowed me to keep my anxiety at bay and remain highly functional as I grow my business-

1. Identify my triggers and change the way I spoke to myself about myself and my business
Negative self talk
2. Visualize exactly what I want to happen in my life daily and thus create that idea in my head constantly
The perfect day
Everything in alignment
Getting ish done
3. Intense work on my mindset and have more gratitude for what I did have
Daily mindset work
Speaking out loud
4. Eliminated the stressors
Decluttering space and social
Saying NO to people and things
Prioritizing/Delegating/Asking for help
Productivity vs. Activity
5. Scheduled self care
Sleeping on time and for at least 6 hours (still a big struggle)
Exercise and Change in my Diet
Meditation and Me time doing what I love like going to the beach and being with nature
The one thing I tell my clients when we talk about these changes is that it is a daily commitment. I do not only do these things when I feel stressed or am triggered. In fact they are part of my daly routine and because of it my anxiety attacks have decreased by more than 50%.
Do I still get them? Hello yes. But no as frequently; not as intensely; and they do not paralyze me to the point of not getting any work done daily….and for that I am truly grateful!
Do you suffer with anxiety as you are growing your business? Let’s have a discussion in my comments. Share your stories and let’s provide each other with some much needed support.

Your Strategy in Action

I remember when I first started to develop a strategy for my business, I made the mistake of
1. Confusing it with a to do list
2. And thinking once I was always doing something then I had a strategy

I was wrong on both counts. Instead I ended up being burnt out, frustrated and no closer to the goal I had in mind.

I had to learn the hard way that my strategy had to be tied into my overall goal
That my strategy was equal parts of my marketing and my sales and how I moved clients from cold to warm to hot leads
That being busy did not mean my strategy was working
That my strategy had to yield measurable results

Ideally my strategy had to be productive and not active. My productive strategy gained me more visibility and engagement with my audience

My active strategy just had me posting and showing up mindlessly

My productive strategy allowed me to have multiple touch points with my clients and closed deals everyday

My active strategy focused on only 1 touch point where I was literally begging people to buy

I quickly learnt from these errors and developed a strategy that made sense for my business and now years later I work smarter in less hours and am building the business I love and enjoy!

3Remember…..You are not a rabbit!!!

Stop hopping from strategy to strategy and hoping for something to stick. What is your strategy? Stop and think about it and then write it down and see if it makes sense.

Your strategy is not just one thing that you do, like posting on your page. But when you think about your strategy you think about
1. Your end goal
2. Your clients and their needs
3. The problem you are solving
4. How to get your message out consistently
5. How to lead clients from knowing you to liking you to trusting you so they buy from you

Your strategy is the ACTION you are taking to get the things that you want in your business. It is how you move from idea to ACTION and many of you
—- have no strategy at all or are
—- using the wrong strategies or are
—- using strategies that are giving you no results and still you won’t stop using the strategy

How many of you actually have a strategy for your business?

Ideas that you have put into action that get you closer to your goal

Actions that are measurable and specific

A strategy that is productive and not just active

Action that is consistent

A strategy is different for everybody but is necessary for every successful business


How do you know if your strategy is working?

How do you know you have reached your goal?

How do you know when it is time to scale up?

These are the things you need to consider when developing your strategy. It should be measurable and not a wish list of things to do.

How many more followers do you want
How much money do you want to make
How many new clients do you want to land every week
How many consult calls do you want to be on each week
How many clients do you want buying from your shop
How many clients do you want to repurchase your product/service

Your strategy should be measurable so that you know it is actually working. So you can decide how to uplevel your business.

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New Year, New You!

There were a few great lessons in 2018 that I hope we all remember in 2019 as we work to grow our business. Let me share some of the most important ones that stood out for me and my clients

1. Set a goal, write it out and get it out of your head in order for you to succeed. A goal not written is merely a wish list

2. Know your clients. Stop trying to sell to everyone because you are wasting time, money and resources. Get specific about who needs what you are providing and sell to them

3. Ask for help. Instead of sitting back and complaining about what you do not have or cannot afford, ask for help and be prepared to give in return. Complaining and a pity party solves nothing and keeps you stuck

4. Do not charge the lowest prices and stop giving a set of discounts. You are positioning yourself as the cheapest option and your clients will assume your products or services are inferior. Charging the lowest does not guarantee sales at all.

daniele-riggi-635135-unsplash (1)

5. Do not rely on social media alone. So yes having a FB page and IG page are important but they are not the only ways you should be growing your biz. Go to markets; get on the phone; start your email list. Social media is just 1/10 of your entire plan

6. Videos work and if you have not done any videos in 2018 then you have lost out on a ton of money and clients. Make it a big part of your plan for 2019

7. Stop winging it. stop guessing everyday on what you are going to say and share. Write out a plan and get into action everyday. Be flexible but get into action

8. Share value everyday. Teach your audience something about what you do and what you sell. Do not assume they know already. And if they do then remind them! Value is how you get sales everyday

9. Sell everyday. You should have at least 3 sales activities that you do every single day so you bring in money everyday to your business. Sell more than 1 thing at a time and sell often and get what you want.

10. Get intimate with your money. Do a budget. Know how much goes in and goes out. Know how much exactly to the cent you need to earn so you can price accordingly and position yourself accordingly. Stop guessing about your money

rawpixel-555905-unsplash11. Pay yourself first…always. Yes you have to pay yourself even if it is $50 a week. Get into the habit of paying yourself and gradually increase the amount as your business grows. This is a money mindset activity that will do you wonders in the long run

12. Focus on your zone of genius and delegate the rest. If you are not great at marketing or sales or tech, delegate that out and focus on the part of the biz that you are great at. It is a bunch of croc to say you have to do everything because you are new. Get help, barter services etc and delegate so you can grow faster

13. Stop playing small. If you are only doing some of the work then you will only receive some of the rewards. If you want big things to happen then play big, be big, speak big, do big and step into the greatness that you want. 2019 is not the time to play it small.

stefan-cosma-362616-unsplash14. Stop complaining!! Aren’t you tired of it?? Okay something did not work out….decide to move on. Decide to do better. Decide to try again. Decide to ask for help or use a different service. Decide to learn from it and keep moving. But just stop complaining

15. Stop comparing where you are to somebody else. Everybody is on a different journey even if they are in the same business. Mind your business. Focus on your goals and your clients. Focus on your dreams and wants and stop comparing yourself. What works for them may not work for you because they want something different; their skill set is different; their resources are different. Mind your business.

Did any of this hit you in the gut? What else did you learn in 2018?

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It is time to LEVEL UP

With just 100 days to go before Christmas, there is no time like the present to make the decision to LEVEL UP your business. What do I mean by that? Well quite a few things actually:


While social media is a powerful tool it is not the only way to reach your audience.

Some of the people who need and want what you provide are listening to a radio, reading a newspaper, attending networking events…. they may NOT use social media to search for the solution that you provide to them.

Stop being lazy and stop making excuses and do the work to get in front of your audience if you really want to make the sales you truly desire.

People would not buy from you if they do not know you exist. You have to create a business that gets seen and heard in the clutter of all the noise and traffic that your ideal clients are experiencing everyday.

PLUS, your marketing and sales strategy should include how you show up in different ways in different places so you can reaffirm with your clients that you are the ONLY solution to the challenge they are facing.


Just 2 years ago when I jumped into coaching I was working Sunday to Sunday sometimes up to 17 hours each day. I was on a constant roller coaster of booking calls, getting people on the phone and talking to as many people as possible. Somedays I would talk to at least 15 people at a time. PLUS I spend a load of time posting in other groups, doing videos, sending emails and attending events…because I thought this is what I needed to do in order to make my business take off.

Little did I know at the time that I did not have to burn myself out to exhaustion to have a business that I loved. I started to focus specifically on a strategy that would make me happy that was specific to my business and the life I wanted. I was never interested in being like any other coach or being compared to anybody else. I chose the quality of life that I wanted and I had to design my business around that.

I raised my prices
I increased the value in my programmes
I cut down my work days from 7 days to 4 days
I did targeted videos and ads
And I got really specific about who I wanted to work with ( I say NO to alot of people if I do not feel they are the right fit)
And I hired people to work alongside me to grow my business

That was a conscious decision I made to LEVEL UP my business and my life so I had more time to spend with those I love and pursue other things that gave me pleasure. I am still learning and growing but until I made that decision, my life was in chaos and my health was topsy turvy.

You decide what your life and business should look and feel like. It is not a once size fits all and you do not have to do all those tons of things you do not want to do.


One size does not fit all and what may work for me in business may not work for you for a number of reasons

1. Our goals may be different
2. Our ideal clients are different
3. Our budgets are different
4. Our tools and resources are different

So stop watching what your competitors are doing and instead focus on creating a marketing strategy that works specifically to your business.
One that develops out of the goals you set for yourself.
One that speaks directly to your ideal clients.
One that you can afford and one that utilizes the best tools and resources that you do have available

Not because everyone is doing it means that is what you need to do or that is the way you should be doing it. Make your marketing look and feel unique to your audience.

Now is the best time for you to LEVEL UP and I do not know how else to say it to you. To be successful you can longer be contented to play small and just do the bare minimum to get by. You have to make the decision to be uncomfortable, to ask for help, to stretch yourself beyond your limits and put in the work to get the results that you truly desire in life and business.

If you are ready to make this bold leap, then just simply reach out to me and join me in my private facebook group of over 3000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going.

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I do not care what you do

The truth is most of your clients do not care what you do…they care how you make them feel or how your product makes them feel and improves their lives. They are not concerned about your job title that you like to boast about or about your logo or brand colours, or how cute your selfies look or how often you post. They want VALUE.  And that value must change their lives and have an impact on them in a way that makes them STOP and take notice. It does not matter whether you are a one man show or a team of 50, share the value, change their lives and they will buy from you and come back for more.

If you want to get clients and you want to close the deal show people how you can help them.

Stop telling them what you do or what your job title is.

Show them how you can help them.

Show them the tools you use and how it can help them
Share your story and your journey

Let me break it down:
1. Show them how you schedule time using a calendar or how you use Trello if you are a virtual assistant
2. Show them how to save money and time using wave accounting or Peachtree if you are an accountant. Don’t just tell them to use the tool show them how to use it.
3. Show them how a piece of clothing can accentuate their figure and hide problem areas of you sell clothes. Don’t just tell them, show them.
4. Show them how cutting out flour can reduce bloating if you are a nutritionist. Don’t just tell them, show them.
5. Show them how contouring or using certain colours accentuates their eyes if you are a make up artist. Don’t just tell them, show them

If you want to really see your business move, grow and build stop telling us what you do and what your job title is. Show us exactly what you do!!

It means you have to stop being lazy and stop posting fliers and links
It means you have to tap into your creativity, push your boundaries and try something totally new

This is what MARKETING is. The showing of the thing not the telling.

And if you want to know how my clients tend to access me 24 hours a day for even more marketing advice then join me in my private facebook group of over 3000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going

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No reason to crash and burn

At 1 time in my life I was working a full time job (7.30am to whenever), was teaching 2 courses at UWI, planning my wedding, buying a house, studying for my Masters, writing for 3 Caribbean magazines, running my own local magazine, helping my mom run our flower shop and doing marketing and PR for companies for FREE.

I was doing it all and you know what happened to me? I CRASHED AND BURNED! Yep it all went up in flames. I fell into a depression so deep it was unbelievable. Things started to fall apart right in front my eyes. Nothing was working and I was engulfed with panic attacks almost everyday. It was brutal. I had to STOP!

Because I was trying to manage my TIME. I was trying to be a super hero and do everything and be everything to everybody and it made no sense. I was not prioritizing and I was not taking care of my mental or emotional well being.

I decided to take 2 months off of my business and I ended up taking 2 years off because the burn out was that intense. But I learnt and now I know it was never about time but about me, because I do not have to do everything and everything does not need to be done immediately.

I learnt the hard way but I learnt a well deserved lesson.
I prioritized
I asked for help
I delegated
I eliminated

And I became happier, healthier and a better version of myself.


Now people feel I am always working!

I have been on vacation for days with no internet access and got a message from a client asking me if I really went on vacation because they were seeing me showing up everywhere!

That does not happen by magic and I had to learn the hard way how to show up, ask for the sale and manage myself not my time so I still had time to disappear for a few days and still make money and be visible to those who needed me.

I delegate and automate alot of what I do so I can get my mid day naps, go to dinner every week and spend a ton of time with my family and still smash major goals every week.

You have to be realistic with what you want your life to look like and how you want your business to evolve. I LOVE what I do but I do not want my head to be in business 24-7 in order for me to make money and make a difference in people’s lives.


Do you know that you do not need to be tied to your business 24-7 in order to make a profit.

That you do not need to locked onto social media all day everyday

That you do not need to answer an email as soon as it pops up in your inbox

That its not true that the only thing you should be talking about, reading about or listening to should be about business

That you have to give up time with family and friends to make your business succeed

Or that you can only really run a business when you leave your 8-4 job

All of these things is what has been taught to us but it is not true. It is all tied into this silly notion that we do not have enough time to do and be and get everything you want.

Don’t get me wrong…. starting and running a biz takes hard work, sacrifice and determination but there is a healthy, logical, purposeful way to do it without being burnt out and frustrated.

There is no reason to crash and burn and if you feel this way then it is time to get some help so you can live the life you really want. Let’s get on a call if this is you.