4 ways to greater visibility

It makes no sense to have an awesome service to offer your clients and they do not even know about it. You need to be visible and you need to be heard. Below are 5 simple tips to get more visibility:

Join Facebook Groups– ­ Facebook Groups are a gold mind to get visibility. You not only get to share your services with your ideal clients but you also get to learn more about what they are looking for. FB groups work once you are super engaged. Do not just sell sell sell but listen and apply as well. Providing valuable information consistently to group members build like and trust and will encourage your ideal clients to buy from you.


Start a blog­ – Blogging helps you share information about the service you can provide to your clients. Sharing your knowledge and expertise is a great way to put yourself in the face of your clients and position yourself as an opinion leader. Post your blog and share it thru different channels like your fb groups, linkedin, google + etc.

Do a video– ­ We all know videos are much more powerful than the written word. Let your clients see your face and hear your voice so they feel connected to you. You can post video on your website, on your Facebook page or even post on YouTube and then let people know where they can find you. Personal touch makes a big difference. Video puts a face to all the valuable information that you have been posting where ever your ideal clients are.


Volunteer to speak at an event­ – Getting word out about you and your business sometimes means speaking in front of an audience. There are a ton of networking events and podcasts who are always looking for speakers. Once you are confident about yourself and what you are offering then speak up. Get up from behind your laptop and let your voice be heard. Build trust by letting others know about your journey.

Your visibility is important to your business success so do not miss out on any opportunity to get in front of your ideal clients. Want more, then book your discovery call today!

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