How my actions grew a business I loved!

In 2016, I was not in the best of health physically and mentally and I struggled for months. I really started to dislike my work and getting up to go everyday was causing mental and physical pain.

I was crying every day and I was so miserable to myself and everyone around me. I was having panic attacks and I had to have an emergency surgery…it was not a happy time.

All this time I was building my business but I was doing the bare minimum because I had a 7 figure salary to lean on. When I was about to go back to work after surgery I had the worse panic attack I ever had and I knew I had to make a decision.

I called my boss and resigned over the phone at 9pm!! I was that desperate and then I sat and said…..Dans what’s next?

I had to get into ACTION because I still had bills to pay, I loved travelling, I had expensive taste….lol and I did not necessarily want to adjust my lifestyle. So I knew I had to get into real intentional action to make this happen.

I spent the next 3 days with my head down writing down everything, planning how to land at least 10 clients in the following week. Organising my money and recreating my budget with a financial goal in mind.

I started to do daily videos
Did a challenge
Sent out emails (You can join my email list here and learn 6 ways to grow your business organically)

Started a fb support group for entrepreneurs (Dynamic Business Strategist)
Reached out to my network
Planned an event

And my bills continue to be paid
I continue to travel
I continue to attract the best clients
I continue to grow and develop my business
I continue to study and learn

I went into specific intentional ACTION and I got exactly what I wanted and 3 years later I am still going strong….yes with some bumps and lessons along the way but ACTION is the only reason I have made it this far.

You too can get exactly what you want when you get into ACTION and commit to it!

It’s all about you and how dynamic you and your business will become. Because you know what you want and you know how big you want your business to grow, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.


  • Living the life you always knew you wanted
  • Having financial freedom and not being stuck behind a desk Monday to Friday
  • Not answering to a boss but being the boss of your day and your own destiny
  • Be fully available for your family and your kids because you set your own hours
  • Managing your day and your time around what is important to you
  • And making your business work for you instead of you working for your business

If that’s not enough to make you jump on board then I don’t know what else there could be!

Get the secret of so many successful entrepreneurs before you. Let the world see all that you have to offer and go brave! (I have got your back every step of the way)

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What is your strategy?

What’s your strategy?
I ask this question of all my clients because I want to garner if they really have a goal and understand their audience.
There are 2 things I share with my clients when we are developing their marketing strategies for their business.
  1. You have to have a success mindset. You can implement all the strategies in the world but if your mindset is led by fear and doubt, your strategy will feel weak to the audience you are trying to communicate with. Your lack of a success mindset keeps you exactly where you are.
Honing the right mindset I know also does not happen overnight but it is not impossible. By using affirmations, journalling, having a business bestie and sheer determination, you can start to adjust your mindset to always expect to be a winner and make the income that you truly want

2. It is not about the likes. This is a huge one. Yes having a great tribe of people to sell to sounds ideal right? But what is the point of having 3000 followers and making 2 sales per week? You want to attract persons who are ready to buy from you today and everyday. This comes down to your content and your products/services but it also means understanding that everyone is not your audience and having quality clients is better than having a large quantity of non buyers.

This is precisely why Bots do not work. The like for like system is non productive for the overall growth of your business. Instead spend time knowing your audience and then keep offering them something irresistible!
From June 10th for 2 months let’s work together in ACTION ACCELERATOR to cultivating a success mindset and start attracting your ideal clients.
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Is marketing on your mind?

Is your biggest challenge was Marketing?

I hear it and see it all the time with entrepreneurs who have really great businesses but are stuck on what action to take to attract the best clients and create a sustainable business.

I have found the reason most people struggle in Marketing is because
1. They are not clear about their solutions
2. They are not consistent with their strategies

So I am giving you the 10 ways that I employ every single week to get new clients, earn money everyday and stay visible to my ideal clients every single week.

Marketing is not hard but it is a combination of activities you do together to get the results that you want.

For your Marketing to be effective you need

1. An audience
2. A message
3. Something to sell

Maybe these 10 activities could make a difference in your business and you will realise that Marketing is not as complicated as you think it is.


Grab this FREE cheat sheet where I outline 10 ways to Market Your business to get Immediate Results.

These 10 tips will give you some action steps that you can take TODAY and see a difference in your business.

Here are 10 ways to Market your Business to get immediate results

Stop saying this immediately!



You see those two phrases I hear every single day. I also admit to saying it when I first started out and it was one of the first things I worked on with my first coach.

You see we know we need help. We keep asking for it but our excuse is always that we cannot afford it. Why? Fear? Procrastination?

When I wanted to work with a coach that cost $10k I had nowhere close to that amount. I worked my butt off to make that first payment and then implemented everything I learnt and more to ensure I was not only able to pay that $10k but also pay myself and my bills. My investment paid off because I committed to do the work and I made no excuses

The excuse of not having enough time I had to fling thru the window. I identified my distractions, decided on exactly what I needed to get done and committed to doing it without getting burnt out and still have time to enjoy life

It starts with a mindset shift and then a decision to get what I want no matter what.

Nobody can do it for you
Nobody will give you a magic formula
Nobody will make it happen overnight

It is your decision and your commitment that will make the difference.

So next time you need help and you want to get something done, don’t say I cannot afford it or I have no time

Instead say, what action do I need to commit to do to get what I want and what distractions do I need to remove so I can concentrate on getting this done

Does this sound like something you struggle with and ready to commit to getting everything you want?

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Stop with the Excuses!

Excuses excuses excuses!!

We all have them and we all use them. If I had a 25cent for every excuse I have heard for why your biz is not where it needs to be I swear I would be a trillionaire.

I am not knocking you because I know I have used them at one time and sometimes I still have to stop myself in my tracks when I realise I am making excuses for why I am NOT

Doing my mindset work
Automating my social media
Hiring or delegating
Investing in myself
Selling everyday
Selling multiple things
Following up
Answering the phone or that email
Taking a rest when I am tired
Asking for help
Implementing what I have learnt

I mean the excuses are just so lame that sometimes I am ashamed. Like—-

  1. I am tired….no I actually just want to lie down and binge watch Netflix
  2.  I do not know what to say in the email…no I am scared of getting a no
  3. This is not the right time to do a video…no I am scared that nobody turns up or worse yet nobody engages or buys
  4. I have no help to get all this done…no my to do list is crap and is just filled with a set of stuff that is not important plus I have not asked for help
  5. I just need to read some more and do some more free classes…no I am being lazy and am afraid to implement it and not get the results

Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a minute here and really stop with the excuses because they are lame; nobody wants to hear it and you are doing more harm to your business than good!


You see that pressure you keep putting on yourself….you need to stop it now

Stop frustrating yourself because you feel that everything needs to be done right now
Or you feel that everything needs to be perfect
Or you feel everyone is getting more done than you and making more money than

Don’t let posts from fb and ig make you feel stressed out because you never know if what people post is the truth
And stop comparing your chapter 1 to their chapter 20

****That pressure will paralyze you
****That pressure will make you move slower
****That pressure will make you miss opportunities in front of you
****That pressure will cause anxiety

And you do not need that pressure because you are already great and you already have all the tools to succeed and you are already a billionaire
And you attract the best clients and money flows to you freely and effortlessly every single day
And the Universe is hearing you and will deliver everything you have asked for and more

Believe it and trust it and accept it and then release that pressure that you have put on yourself. Just breathe and enjoy the journey because you deserve it!

If you are ready to take control of your life, ditches the excuses and release the pressure on yourself, then just simply reach out to me and join me in my private facebook group of over 4000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going.

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Anxiety Ambush

My anxiety would rock my whole world..I would not be able to function in work or at home. I became increasingly anti social. I had trouble breathing daily and my body was in constant pain.

I suffered a mix of anxiety with panic attacks and depression. It was a painful period in my life and something I have struggled with to this day.

Am I cured? Far from it

But over the last 2 years, I have tried and learnt about various techniques which have helped me to
1. Recognise my symptoms
2. Tackle it before it gets out of hand

Was it easy? Hell no

But I also knew that if I wanted to run a successful business, be of good use to my family and friends and make an impact in this world I had to get this under control and not have it take control of me

Most entrepreneurs I know have suffered or are suffering with some degree of anxiety as they grow their business. It is scary to say that it is common but it is true and truthfully sometimes that takes up a big part of our coaching sessions.

Trust me I know what anxiety is about and the havoc it can wreak on your mind, body and business. I have been there and am still there to an extent.

stefano-pollio-365695-unsplashI am no expert on anxiety but I have learnt a few ways to take control of it so it does not control my day and I still get things done.

It seems to be part of our business journey and life and is definitely not something we should sweep under the rug. So this is our opportunity to talk about it and get to the root of it.

Let me outline for you some of the daily routines I have adopted which has allowed me to keep my anxiety at bay and remain highly functional as I grow my business-

1. Identify my triggers and change the way I spoke to myself about myself and my business
Negative self talk
2. Visualize exactly what I want to happen in my life daily and thus create that idea in my head constantly
The perfect day
Everything in alignment
Getting ish done
3. Intense work on my mindset and have more gratitude for what I did have
Daily mindset work
Speaking out loud
4. Eliminated the stressors
Decluttering space and social
Saying NO to people and things
Prioritizing/Delegating/Asking for help
Productivity vs. Activity
5. Scheduled self care
Sleeping on time and for at least 6 hours (still a big struggle)
Exercise and Change in my Diet
Meditation and Me time doing what I love like going to the beach and being with nature
The one thing I tell my clients when we talk about these changes is that it is a daily commitment. I do not only do these things when I feel stressed or am triggered. In fact they are part of my daly routine and because of it my anxiety attacks have decreased by more than 50%.
Do I still get them? Hello yes. But no as frequently; not as intensely; and they do not paralyze me to the point of not getting any work done daily….and for that I am truly grateful!
Do you suffer with anxiety as you are growing your business? Let’s have a discussion in my comments. Share your stories and let’s provide each other with some much needed support.

Your Strategy in Action

I remember when I first started to develop a strategy for my business, I made the mistake of
1. Confusing it with a to do list
2. And thinking once I was always doing something then I had a strategy

I was wrong on both counts. Instead I ended up being burnt out, frustrated and no closer to the goal I had in mind.

I had to learn the hard way that my strategy had to be tied into my overall goal
That my strategy was equal parts of my marketing and my sales and how I moved clients from cold to warm to hot leads
That being busy did not mean my strategy was working
That my strategy had to yield measurable results

Ideally my strategy had to be productive and not active. My productive strategy gained me more visibility and engagement with my audience

My active strategy just had me posting and showing up mindlessly

My productive strategy allowed me to have multiple touch points with my clients and closed deals everyday

My active strategy focused on only 1 touch point where I was literally begging people to buy

I quickly learnt from these errors and developed a strategy that made sense for my business and now years later I work smarter in less hours and am building the business I love and enjoy!

3Remember…..You are not a rabbit!!!

Stop hopping from strategy to strategy and hoping for something to stick. What is your strategy? Stop and think about it and then write it down and see if it makes sense.

Your strategy is not just one thing that you do, like posting on your page. But when you think about your strategy you think about
1. Your end goal
2. Your clients and their needs
3. The problem you are solving
4. How to get your message out consistently
5. How to lead clients from knowing you to liking you to trusting you so they buy from you

Your strategy is the ACTION you are taking to get the things that you want in your business. It is how you move from idea to ACTION and many of you
—- have no strategy at all or are
—- using the wrong strategies or are
—- using strategies that are giving you no results and still you won’t stop using the strategy

How many of you actually have a strategy for your business?

Ideas that you have put into action that get you closer to your goal

Actions that are measurable and specific

A strategy that is productive and not just active

Action that is consistent

A strategy is different for everybody but is necessary for every successful business


How do you know if your strategy is working?

How do you know you have reached your goal?

How do you know when it is time to scale up?

These are the things you need to consider when developing your strategy. It should be measurable and not a wish list of things to do.

How many more followers do you want
How much money do you want to make
How many new clients do you want to land every week
How many consult calls do you want to be on each week
How many clients do you want buying from your shop
How many clients do you want to repurchase your product/service

Your strategy should be measurable so that you know it is actually working. So you can decide how to uplevel your business.

If you are ready to develop a bad ass strategy in 2019, then just simply reach out to me and join me in my private facebook group of over 4000 entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us and let’s keep the discussion going.

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