5 ways to create content that converts to sales

The challenge most entrepreneurs have with getting sales is that they do not know what type of content to share with their audience. And because of this, they show up everyday and hear crickets.

Your content is how you build that know, like and trust with your audience everyday so they eventually buy from you over and over and over again.

Your content needs to
1. Inspire
2. Motive
3. Educate

If it is not doing any of these 3 things then you are missing the mark and it maybe why you are not making sales or growing your audience.

1. Content should convert to sales

Your content has to convert to sales! I am sure you have heard this before and still feel confused. Because you are showing up everyday but it is not converting. You are getting people liking and commenting but no one is actually buying.

Let me share a tip with you……Your audience consumes content in different ways. Therefore you want to share different types of content to engage your audience and make it easier for them to say yes every time they land on your content.

Instead of just posting that flier, why not post a video or a meme or a question to your audience. This will not just increase your engagement but also land you some much needed sales in your business.

2. Give your content some direction

One of the reasons that your content is not converting to sales ie because you are not telling your audience what to do after they have consumed your information. This is called your call to action!!

Your audience needs some instructions and so do I!! Do you want them to call you, email you, click on the link, jump in your DMs, tag you???? What exactly. Your content could be great but without instructions it can end up being dead. So remember in creating your content, also give your audience some directions.

3. Make sure it makes sense

Sometimes what you are saying makes no sense to your audience. Speak in simple language and assume they do not know what you are talking about. Unless you know your audience are specific people in a niche market who will understand the high tech language that you are dropping, then assume they do not know.

I have seen with some clients that this is the reason their content does not stick with their audience. Their language does not resonate with the challenges their audience is experiencing. You want to make it super specific and clear to audience not just what you sell but how it benefits them in a way that is easy to understand!

4. Speak FOR them not TO them

One of the things I had to learn fast in business, is that my content has to speak FOR my audience not TO my audience. Using the words they use. Using the terms they say. Asking them burning questions and making a connection to them so they understand it is not about ME but about THEM.

I know you may feel confused by that, but the truth is most entrepreneurs post and do videos, articles and blogs that do no speak FOR their audience. You have to be in tune with your audience and address the specific things that are challenging them. Once you can do that thru your content, then you will see how your content can turn into sales daily. Isn’t that exactly what you want in your business?

5. Creating content is not hard

The truth is that on a good day I work 4 hours in my business. And some of that is spent creating content because I create content everyday. But I don’t spend hours creating content because I have a plan and a proven strategy that helps me map out my content in a short space a time and still land a punch every time! I wrote about this in 2018 in Great Content is all around you!

I choose a theme
I break it into topics
I break that into even smaller topics
I choose 3-5 main talking points about the topic
And I decide how I am going to share it eg video, blog, post, meme, stories, questions etc
I decide on my call to action
And then I get into action

I have rinsed and repeat this method so much that I can do a 2 weeks worth of content in less than an hour and then move on with my day….because live needs to be lived and you should not be stuck behind your computer all day building your business!

I have a $14USD training that teaches you how to create 15 pieces of content in just 1 hour. What you will learn
1.     How to find content
2.     How to create content
3.     How to repurpose content

As an entrepreneur, your content is how you build your business. Grab your training for instant access right here.

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