You are afraid of commitment

You either want it or you don’t. In business, it is that simple. Yes, it may sound harsh but it is the truth. Do you want a business? Financial freedom? Time to spend with family? To create a difference and help others? To turn your passion into something sustainable? Well, commit to doing it!

Nobody is saying the road will be easy. In fact, it will be darn hard. You will fail, cry, scream, and feel like giving up a thousand times but that is when you commit. Your commitment to your business is serious. It’s nonstop and everlasting. Your commitment has to be so strong that you feel you won’t breathe unless you get this thing done.

It sometimes means that people will laugh at you and not understand why you do what you do. It is lonely and sometimes devastating. But with commitment…..ahhhhh……it is oh so rewarding.

So are you committed or not?

If not, then please move on and stop torturing yourself and the people around you.

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